Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend in Pictures.

We surprised my Dad for his 60th by having a weekend in the most fun-filled city. Obvs, it wasn't a surprise that we were going to show up at some point this weekend, but my older brother came into town for the surprise. Let me just say, it was an absolute blast. A weekend filled with way too much alcohol, ass kicking football games that depressed everyone, great food, bad nights' sleeps and love.
 E- Drunk. J- Sober. Depressed together. The Longhorns got the shit kicked out of them. 
 First shot of the weekend, tequila all the way around. And...a $400 bar tab. Hysterical.
My boys. E (Known as the guy that sweats an absurd amount under his right arm pit), Brother (Known as Osama or people often referred to him as the Zach Brown Band guy) and my Pops.

To say we had a blast is an understatement...Love good family times!

On Sunday, E took the day off. This is the first day he has had off in 7 months. Seriously, 7 months. He said that he wanted to smell baked goods on Sunday, lay on the couch, eat and sleep. Let me just say, I let him do all of the above. He did get up and grill steaks for dinner. I baked peanut butter chocolate bars I found on pinterest and pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Heaven in your arteries. Both were amazing!!! See...

I love to bake!

Monday came way too fast.

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Wittschen's said...

You should have seen Kevin's smile when watching yall's game. :) I think he enjoyed that more than the aggies winning. It made up for the the last 2 weeks of pure crankiness that my husband has experienced