Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I can finally relax and breathe. My office move was a success! Thank Heavens. I worked long, hard hours the past month, but in the end it was worth it. It was worth it because I was a huge part of something that won't happen again for 10 years. I saw the project from beginning to end. The ups and downs. The scary moments, the angry moments and the happy moments. I was recognized by our President the first day of move-in. I received a hefty (So very thankful) bonus check and a President coin. The coin is similar to the military coin given out to our men and women who fight the good fight. I was shocked, but so very grateful for the recognition. I have given up the Facility Manager position to focus on being an Operations Executive Assistant to the second man in line. I will be able to learn the budget of the business, I will be able to grow into more of an Operations Manager and lastly I will not wake in the middle of the night worried about how the next day will pan out. The construction, move and stress are over and to that I say CHEERS!
Football season is in full swing and the Horns have totally sucked it up this year! Depressing. It's funny how die-hard one can be when a team is winning, but when they begin to lose it's so easy to lose interest in the team. We will stand by the Horns the rest of the season by drinking bloody mary's, beer and sweet tea Vodka because it could be a very, very sad ending to a legacy of winning!
I haven't been going to the gym regularly and um, I feel it. The past 2 weeks to month it's been very hard to motivate myself especially with so much stress. I went last night and will continue to get back on track. I just need to get myself to enjoy it rather than stress over going and not freak out when I don't go. It sounds so easy while typing, but yea, it's not.
Something else I need to get back into...PHOTOGRAPHY! I love photography. I love pictures. I love capturing events and special moments. I haven't done any of this since probably the Spring. Fall is a fun time to take pictures because I think everyone seems to be happier and the transition of green to brown is exciting. On the to do list...
I cannot wait for vacation. I cannot wait for cold weather. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving. I especially cannot wait until December.
Speaking of vacation...I need to take a couple of books on our trip. What are ya'll reading or have read in the past few months?