Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hump Day loves.

It's Hump Day...Thank goodness we are that much closer to the weekend. I am loving quite a few things this week.

I am loving the amazing weather we are having this week in Austin. I walk outside and it really feels like Fall which never happens in these parts until um...Winter.

I am loving that my in-laws are back from Maine (they live there 6 months out of the year, jealy much?) and brought home a few 12-packs of our favorite...Shipyard Pumpkin Ale. It's Amazing! Too bad it's not sold in Texas. 

I am loving I am perfecting my Bolognese Sauce. Every time I make it it's better and better. Throw some garlic bread with it...Yummy!

Lastly, I am loving my hard working hubby...I swear I don't know anyone with the same loyalty. Love his heart.


Turtles and Pearls said...

I'm loving the fall weather today! Stopping by from this kind of love. Have a great Wednesday!

Summer Wind said...

Mmm your bolognese sauce looks delish!