Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Big Question.

We are married.
We both have secure jobs.
We own our home.
We have very little debt.
We have been "together" for over 7 years.
And we always get the question...When will you and E have children?

I think it's an interesting question for a variety of reasons.

E is 30 going on 31; I am 27 going on 28. We both feel we have a long ways to wait. We both enjoy our time; We enjoy spending money; We love fancy food; I love to shop; We both love to travel; We both want to open a business; We don't have family that live in the same city; and the list goes on and on. The idea sparks conversation about once a year and it was sparked about 2 weeks ago. We were eating fancy mexican food and there were children EVERYWHERE screaming and crying at the top of their lungs. I soon realized, I don't think I have motherly instincts anymore. I don't think I could EVER handle those situations. It's almost like working with men has made me well, A MAN! I am surrounded by Men all day, every day of my life and have been for 4 years. I feel I have become hardened to the idea of emotions and along with that, the idea of children. E wants children, but not for another 5 to 7 years. I cannot come to that 5 to 7 year mark. E tells me it will change when our friends begin to have children, but I tell him they have to get married first. It's an interesting change that has occurred and I don't know if the want for a child will ever be in me. Time will tell...

...but....I must say, I will babysit any child ONLY because I can give them back, hehe. So, if you need a babysitter call me. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday 10.

Tuesday 10
10 Things I am looking forward to...
10. A bowling birthday party. A dear friend of ours is turning 29 on Friday and since it's his last "kid" year his wife is throwing him a bowling party. SWEET! I will need the bumpers because I am not a good bowler, but it will be fun.
9. The Houston Rodeo cook off. Of course, if you are from Htizzle you know the fun, crazy exciting times can occur at the cook off. E has never been (yes, in the 8 years we have been together), so this will be his first time. It's going to be a blast!!!
8. Spring time. I love Spring time, especially in Austin! The hills turn green, the bluebonnets bloom, the fields are covered with yellow flowers, the trees turn green, the grass needs to be mowed, AND LAKE TIME! My bff has been living in Lubbock FOREVER, but she just moved back home to Katy. Her father and step mom have a lakehouse and boat, so guess what...EVERY WEEKEND we will be on Lake Travis, wahoo. Looking forward to a nice tan!
7. Dresses. I love wearing dresses! I love wearing dresses because you cannot see the fatness on the legs. Right now, the weather is so confusing that wearing dresses is near impossible or at least without leggings or tights. I can't wait to go shopping and buy precious, flattering Spring\Summer dresses.
6. Flip Flops. Along with dresses, I love flops. I could wear them everyday all day, all year long. I MAKE myself not wear them when it's cold because I am pretty sure people would look at me and laugh.
5. March Madness. I am a huge sports fan; I do love football more than anything, but I do believe that March Madness is the BEST competition out of all sports. E is going to Vegas with the boys, but I am still going to give him some bets to throw for me. :)
4. NFL draft. See, I told you I am sports freak. I love watching the faces of these men light up when their names are called to join an NFL team...A new life, A new chapter.
3. Beer pong and back yard moments. We are the beer pong champs and it's that time of year, to break it out on a Saturday afternoon, throw some back, play washers and horseshoes & of course enjoy fun filled time with lovely peeps!
2. Wedding Anniversary. Our 4 year wedding anniv is April 2nd...I love Anniversaries!
1. VACATION!!! We are going on vacation a little later this year, but it 's going to be worth it. You probably ask, "where are ya'll going?", however, I cannot answer this question because I am baffled on the decision. We have been to a lot of the islands and there are plenty we would love to go back to, but I just cannot decide. Time will tell...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How WE met.

My BFF, Leah Patricia, asked me in 2001..."Do you want to go on a cruise with the Baker Clan?" And of course, I wouldn't miss any type of trip that had to do with #1: Mexico & #2: Alcohol. I had a terrible, rough, unorganized, failing, first semester of college, however since my parents are such loyal and understanding peeps they gave me another chance with semester 2. Since I could prove I was doing so well in semester 2, they allowed me to go on the Spring Break cruise with the Bakers.
Onto the fam drives down to Galveston...gets on the boat...get a beer and participate in the safety course everyone must partake in on the boat. We were all lovin life! The boat set sail to Mexico. Leah and I were layin out on the deck enjoying the warm breeze in our hair, drinking fun cocktails, laughing, smoking, and having the best time ever. We soon gathered our thoughts and really payed attention to the crowd around us...ummm...they were ALL rather young, all girls, in cheerleading outfits...we soon realized, we were on a ship that was holding a CHEER COMPETITION, crushing. Of course, we were still going to have a great time, but we were just wanting other company. The 2nd day we were on the ship...there was a group of LONGHORN fans out on the deck by the pool. Leah and I were like "Look, they must be from Texas or at least go to UT." We were also thinking...they must need adult female attention and must be sick of looking at 9 year olds. Leah and I discussed how we could become friends with this group. And, I decided I would ask them to take OUR picture (HOW FIRST GRADE.) But, I asked, they took it, and we instantly became buddies with this group. Leah was infatuated with one of the guys, I wasn't infatuated with anyone because E wasn't there (HE loves to gamble...sigh), and I just wanted to have a fabulous time. We decided to all meet up that night at THE club. And that's when I saw E...his gorgeous blue eyes, perfect hair, and red Hawaiian shirt. He and I danced the night away (And he hates dancing BTW), drank the night away and stayed up until the sun came up talking about life. We had everything in common...when I say everything...I mean everything: He liked Dr. Pepper, He had a brother, His parents were still married, He loved the Texas Longhorns, Was a Texas Longhorn, He lived in Austin, Was smart, Loved to read, His brother had a Tahoe, He loved to travel, He loved to drink, He loved to party, He loved football, He loved cold weather...He loved everything I loved. As the cruise continued, E's group, Leah and I became very close and had a blast together. At the end, E asked for my phone number. We all said our goodbyes and I shed a few tears...Then Leah and I returned to Katy. I went to my mom's place of work...told her all about the trip...showed her the pictures...AND TOLD HER I met the man I was going to marry. My mom's response was..."Oh Julez, It's boat love..."E contacted me a few days later and we continued our relationship through our college careers. Words cannot describe the amount of fun we had over those years...making new relationships with new friends, growing in our relationship, and both becoming educated at 2 phenomenal schools. And then...he proposed on his boat under the sunset on Lake Austin when I graduated from college. After partying, planning, picking, growing, crying, losing, winning, singing, dancing, laughing, loving for 4 years...
My father walked me down the aisle to say my I do's to Eric, I looked at my father and said..."It's just boat love."