Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am not a big health nut, but I am definitely self-aware regarding my personal health as well as E's health. (IE: I am not ashamed to call the doctor and ask what his blood pressure reading was at his appointment.) Neither of us could stomach taking multivitamins. I would get nauseated and E just didn't like the taste. Since following the blog land, I have learned about GummiVites...they are sent straight from Heaven, seriously. We now take our vitamins every day. They do have 15 calories per serving because of the sugar, but I don't really care because I need my vits. 
Run and buy these now:
Next, I get really anxious on Sunday nights. Like, stir in the bed...run a marathon...flip from my stomach to back a gazillion times...wake up thirsty and the list continues. E doesn't sleep well any time only because he only needs 4-6 hours of sleep to function. I know his heart and body need more than that though, so I went on a mission to help us both. I bought Melatonin! Who knew this stuff is like chamomile, lavendar, total relaxation in a pill? I had no idea. I took a whole pill on Sunday night and Monday I felt like a zombie all day. E took half a pill and slept till 630! Last night I took half and slept like a rock in the Grand Canyon. I am now a Melatonin addict.
I went to the gyno a couple of years ago with concerns about lethargy, lack of losing weight, etc and she ran some tests on me. Come to find out I am border line Type 2 Diabetic which totally made me run to the gym, sign up for a membership and lose 30 pounds. I have kept all of that off but about 10 pounds that comes and goes by just looking at food. Anyhow- since I have to really watch my carb intake, I stopped using sugar and artificial sweeteners in my coffee. I sweeten my coffee with cream and cinnamon. Cinnamon is pretty much a wonder spice!

Little bit of healthy living goes a long way...now I just need to figure out how to get my hair to grow like a weed.

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Wittschen's said...

prenatal vitamins will help with your hair!