Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally a post. Trying.

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It's been months that I've been stalking blogs, but haven't written. Life has been a whirl-wind. Many ups and some downs in between. We have been on vacation, celebrated holidays and birthdays, chopped about 9 inches off my hair, added highlights, drank too much, cried frequently, received promotions, helped E look for jobs and see him run a business at the same time. Yea, that about sums it all up. 

I haven't touched much on the next subject in the past due to keepin' it all in my own head and heart, but need to get thoughts on paper or eh...the internet. E and I have been married for 8 years (yay!) so we often get asked the dreaded question, "when are y'all going to have kids?" I typically don't mind the question because in the past I have always had the response, "when we are ready." You know the snarky response...gotta love it. Times have changed though. We have been trying the past few months. Of course, it still hasn't happened. My dear friends that are close to me say don't worry, it will happen when it happens. Just relax and enjoy the time. Does anyone else agree that's pretty much the impossible? I know people that "accidentally" conceive and those people may never understand the month to month challenges with trying. I am not an organized person, but I guess I am a super-duper planner and worrier when it comes to something that E and I both want. I have every app on the planet on my phone to calculate ovulation, I have searched Google so much I believe that myself or E might have every ailment listed on webMD's infertility sites, I email and ask pregnant people about their journey in hopes it might be similar to ours. It's absolutely crazy. I wish I could take a breath and relax, but right now I can't. Instead I just get myself all worked up and have two periods in one month...

It's called a journey for a reason, I guess?! I just hope it ends and begins with a new season and journey soon.

Cheers to a post even if it's a downer!