Thursday, October 13, 2011

Travel and Nordstrom.

I am getting so excited and am just now beginning to plan out our vacation. I think this year has been so different for us because we have been over-the-top busy with work and events, so I don't have the whole trip planned. Let me just say, that's totally not like me. I started looking at restaurants, bars, golf courses, rental Jeeps, our hotel, pools, beaches and drinks; I am overwhelmed. We are going to Barbados and there are a hellaofalot of choices for everything. We are staying near the Gap, so we are within walking distance to so much. We wake up every day stating- "I cannot wait for vacation." The planning and reservations will commence today.
 I cannot wait to be laying here listening to the waves crash...
 Talking to this gent every single day...
And laying my head here every single night.

So- Nordstrom. Who knew they had a return policy without a maximum amount of days? IE: I bought Chanel sunglasses that I don't really care for over a year ago and they will take them back for an exchange!!! I almost died when I called yesterday. I had heard they have the best return policy and they seriously aren't kidding. I know it's really lame to exchange something after that length of time, but E never has liked the sunglasses and I am beginning to not like the shape of them on my face either. Decisions. Decisions.
Speaking of decisions. The hardest decision I am having to make this week is if I should get a white or black iPhone?
Tough life. For that I should be grateful.


Michelle P said...

I can't wait until our next vacation. Barbados sounds wonderful! Wow that's a great return policy.

asj said...

aaaaah so jealous. I am in desperate need of a vacation! That's awesome to hear about Nordstrom's return policy too!