Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Fun Facts.

Tuesday 10
10 Fun Facts about ME
1. I am a midget compared to my family members. My mother is hitting 6 ft; My father is 6'2-3; My brother is around 6'4; AND me, I am 5'7. It's quite depressing when we take family photos.
2. I met my now hubby on a cruise my freshman year of college. It's a great story...let me know if you want to hear it!
3. I absolutely have a texture issue with food. I cannot eat things clumped eggs have to be mashed, my cottage cheese has to be mashed, and I cannot eat chunks of taters, cannot eat Zuchhini or Squash...the list goes on and on.
4. I bite my fingernails.
5. I have HORRIBLE road rage. I think it's from growing up in Houston or just living in a city that is cramped.
6. I love chips and salsa. I could eat chips and salsa every day for every meal. If I was on a deserted island, (besides wanting E) I would NEED chips and salsa.
7. I smoke when I drink and sometimes more frequently than that. I have quit 8 times.
8. I really LOVE to sweat. I know disgusting, but I don't feel that I have had a good work out unless I am dripping. (TMI).
9. People ask if my brother and I are twins. And my brother gets asked, if he and my mother are brother and sister.
10. I am a really speedy typer. I can type over 90 words a minute. People at work say it's annoying how fast I type.
That sums me up...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day late, Tuesday 10.

So, Here are 10 things I just love...
Tuesday 10

10. My bosses. I have worked at Ultra for 3 years and I must say the only reason is because of my bosses. I have about a 45 minute- 1 hour commute in the morning and then again in the afternoon. The commute is nothing but BRUTAL!!! I have the utmost loyalty to my bosses and they have the same for me in return. I am able to laugh, cry, yell, and just talk to them whenever. They have the best open door policy and I just adore them and the work they achieve!
9. Facebook and Myspace. I truly believe it's an addiction. I am constantly getting on and off...worried I am going to miss an update or a picture a friend has posted. It's insane! I was late in joining both these worlds and sometimes I wish I hadn't joined. I am thankful for the sites because I have gotten back in touch with many people I hadn't talked to since High School or college. Off to logon...
8. Bath Junkie. I heart Bath Junkie!!! I first found this place because a chick that worked next to me always smelt sooo good...I asked her what kind of lotion she had at her desk and the rest is history. I think I could possibly spend hundreds of dollars in this store! Any gift giving Holiday, I ask for Bath Junkie...again, it's an addiction. And, Bath Junkie got my brother in law a super cute date...see it's worth it.
7. Curly Girl. I have struggled with my hair type since I was in 3rd grade. I always wished I had board straight hair that I could let air dry. I have never had that type of hair. If I let my hair air dry, I wouldn't come out of the house. Drum roll....I have now accepted my curly hair. I rarely blow dry it out...I just diffuse it and go on with my day. The reason I love my hair is because of this...
And this...
It's truly amazing! My hairdresser (The best in the world) hooked me up with a CURLY CUT and said...this is it...this means you are now a curly girl. I will never go back!
6. Eucerin. I have had roscea my whole life, which means, I constantly get people saying such things as "Wow, do you fake and bake?" J, "Did you get some sun?" IE: I am always RED in the face. I have tried every product that has been invented for redness relief. I have not been happy until I found this...It's actually GREEN! Green and Red compliment eachother so it neutralizes the face. It's recommended very highly in beauty mags and the Rosacea Assocation (yes, I am for real).
5. Name Brand purses. (I don't need a picture for this) I have loved purses since I was a child. I would have every color purse growing up...when I mean every color...we are talking mustard yellow, purple, blue and then of course the normal colors like pink, red and orange. To this day, I am obsessed with purses. I have upgraded my flavor though, which is an expensive habit, but I blame it on my father!
4. My new camera. I am pretty sure everyone in blog land knows this already. I received an awesome camera for Christmas. I haven't used it as much as I would like because of sicknesses, work stuff, and plain busy for the new year. I am going to take it out this weekend!
3. Our friends. We are surrounded with the most wonderful friends!!! Our friends are spread out all over the country, so it makes for fun travels and a lot of catching up on 6th street when they come home. I just love ya'll!

2. Our families. Duh, no explanation needed here! They mean the world to us!

1. Eric and Marley. I love my hubby and my dog!!! I know everyday I get home I will be greeted with a jumping dog and a loving husband...I couldn't ask for a better life. I AM BLESSED!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photo tag

My sweet friend, Melissa, whom I have known since elementary Photo tagged me. The tag goes like this: Go to your 4th folder where you store your photos. Select your 4th picture (no cheating)! Post the picture with an explanation. Tag 4 people to do the same!!

So here it goes...

Well, this is not a very fun picture, but I followed the rules. This was Marley's first Halloween as our son pet. We dressed him up as an elephant...and we must say...he was and is the cutest elephant we have ever seen!

I tag:

1. Mary. I work with Mary's husband and I just adore their 3 children, their loving marriage, and the ultimate faith they have in the Lord.

2. Lindsey. Sweet Linds, I have known since high school. We used to talk about boys, go to Katy football games, & cry over our first loves. She is all grown-up now with 2 precious angels and is on a new journey...moving to Idaho!

3. Desiree. Dez..again friend since Jr. High. Our moms used to take turns taking us to high school and picking us up from swim practice. We used to sit under the walk way after swim practicea and ate Doritos and Skittles (weren't those the days!). She is expecting her first little angel in May, yay!

4. Jayne. Jayne dated a good friend of ours when he lived in Austin. The 4 of us had road trips galore to Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans. They were the best of times and some of the worst of times. I will always remember Jayne by "It's a whole chicken." LOL. She is now married (to a different man other than our friend) and has the cutest little boy! Jayne loves taking pictures, so I cannot wait to see the pic she HAS to choose for this tag.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday 10.

I stalk read a variety of blogs and some of the lovely ladies always post Tuesday 10...each week the 10 is different and I love it, so I decided to copy.

Thursday 10
10 things I have to complete in 2009
10. Receive at least a 2 on my year-end evaluation. You are probably thinking, wow a 2, that doesn't seem very good. At my company a "1" is the best, however, NO ONE receives this number, so really "2" is the best. I have been receiving "3's" for 3 years now and it's time to get up to that 2. I have been given more responsibilities, so I am confident I will achieve this goal!
9. Clean our house at least once a month. I am the world's BEST picker-upper. I pick up after us every morning when I wake up. Our house always looks tidy and CLEAN, but the truth's not really CLEAN, just picked up. I want to clean, clean once a get down on my hands and knees and scrub the floors...clean, clean. I am cleaning on Friday, so we will see how far into the year we will get.
8. Learn photography. I received a new Canon camera for Xmas, which I am obsessed with at this moment. This camera can do so many things...and I cannot even begin to use it how it's supposed to be used because I am photography illiterate at this time. I am going to check into free photography classes at UT. Get ready peeps...I will be the papprazzi!
7. Learn to bake better and prettier. Does that make sense? I love to bake and am decent at the task. However, nothing I bake comes out really pretty. I will bake cupcakes, cookies, or a cake let it cool, then ice it and want to cry because it's HIDEOUS. I want to have a completed goodie that E will look at and say, that is REALLY pretty.
6. Read more books. I have been reading the Twilight series and I LOVE it. I have been hooked on them since I opened the first book. I thoroughly enjoy reading because I love silence. I love to lay in bed with no one around (besides Marley), nothing on the tube and just read...relaxing. I am going to buy books that I can start and finish...they are called good books. I have a tendency to start books, but they are boring so I never finish. Onto Elipse...
5. Finish re-doing our house even if the hubby isn't involved. E is in the homebuilding industry, which is great and he loves his job, however, I have learned to dislike his job. I dislike his job because he does so much building, problem solving, measuring, painting, etc at work that by the time he gets home I cannot get him to hang a picture on the wall. Hence, why half of our kitchen tile is pulled up and the other half is hot pink! I have decided that I can do a lot of things on my own or with a little contractor's help. I am going to move forward with the rennovations and just ask for E's opinion every once in a while. Hopefully, the kitchen will be done by this time next year!
4. Lose more weight...This is not a new year's goal for me as I started this jaunt back in August of 08! I was having health issues back at that time...needed to change some things...I successfully changed them and have lost almost 30 pounds. That's a lot of weight! I think about 30 pounds of meat...disgusting. I need to lose at least 20 more pounds to be a healthy weight or at the weight I was my Junior year of high school. This is a hard task because our bodies do something called plateau. I am devoting myself to the gym one more day a week for 30 minutes extra. Determined...
3. Have a garage sale. Ha! I give a lot of things to Goodwill every year because we have an abundance of items that we do not need. I have begun cleaning out the house...I took a few things after Xmas to Goodwill, but the rest we are going to sell. I literally have TOO much stuff. I have purses, armoires, beds, clothes, shoes, belts, and much much more that have never been used or are just sitting in our garage. It's a new year, new beginnings, and I want it gone! When I say garage sale, I mean the largest, biggest, longest, garage sale in the neighborhood...hopefully, we will make a few hundres dollars that will be spent on our 09 vacay. :)
2. Spend more time with my family. My family only lives about 2 hours away from us and we only see them MAYBE once a quarter. That is not enough. I love my family so much and we are all so close I sometimes don't understand why we don't see eachother more often. And, after thinking...I get it...we are busy peeps, but that's just an excuse. No more excuses...Htizzle here we come at least once a month!
1. Love my husband more and more . I love E to death! He is my rock, my best friend, my love, my everything. But, I know that sometimes we get too caught up in our careers, our friends, our hobbies (golf), the television and many other things. I want to get back to the eachother the ut-most love this year and years to come!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bug.

E and I had a great New Year's celebration with our wonderful friends. I was able to use my amazing new camera (my obsession has begun). When I say USE, I mean...taking 300 pictures in one night USE...I was the papparazzi for the night. I loved taking all the pictures and everyone enjoyed it too.As for the new year, I started it off with having the flu, strep throat and an ear infection. Let me just say, I was at home on the couch for 4 days and didn't move, didn't eat, didn't do anything. I felt like I was on the verge of death. I was running a fever for 4 days, so my body was weak and miserable. I am feeling much better, however, since I live in the allergy capital of the world, I am now dealing with Cedar fever (The beloved trees that grow so quickly it throws pollen at rapid speeds and makes everyone miserable for 3 months...). I am hoping to get all this crap out of my system by having a really nice work out tonight, follow it up with a trip to the dry sauna, ahhh...I am already relaxed.
While I was sick, my hubby took wonderful care of me. He is under the impression that sickness is 90% mind. He thinks if you continue to tell yourself you are sick, you will be sick. He is very loving and caring while I am\was ill, but he wanted me to get outside and get fresh air. I would sit outside and read my books. I felt a tad bit better...only because of Edward in Twilight (haha). The books I started and finished were the first 2 books of the Twilight series. I know, I know...I a little late, however, I am sooo glad I started. I absolutely love Stephanie Myers' writing and imagination. I love Bella and Edward!!! I am kind of jealous of Bella at could a vampire be so perfect?!? I have started Eclipse and cannot wait to get deeper into it.
Everyone take their Vitamins...I don't want anyone to have to deal with THE BUG I had last week. For me, my new year begins TODAY, 01/12/09. And I leave you with this...