Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September. Finally

I like the Summer season, but I loathe the Summer season heat. It's unbearable, it's miserable, it makes me want to cry, it is just NOT fun. We were fortnate this year to not have 100 degree temps in June or July, so I need to be thankful for that...I guess. I love Fall! There is a crispness in the air. The nights come quickly and this excites me because I hate eating dinner when it's daylight (weird, I know). Es birthday is in the Fall. And most importantly, FOOTBALL season starts. Oh holy moly, I cannot wait until Saturday at 10am. College Game Day is now 2 hours long...yea, I get to stare at Kirk Herbstreit for that long, joy. I am not a typical gal when it comes to football! I have to admit I know more about football than the average male. I grew up with a Father that watched football every single Saturday...didn't miss one game, swear. I never get sick of watching it, listening to it or talking about it. E is a UT graduate, so of course the Longhorns are the #1 team in the household, Florida State is #2 because I adore Bobby Bowden (Yea, I am aware he isn't there anymore), Watching OU lose is #3 and then of course the Texans are watched on Sundays. My dearest and sister-like friend, Leah, always comes to town for the Tech vs UT game, so that is something special to look forward to this month. September will be filled with Pumpkin spice lattes, beer drinking, pong playing, dancing, music, cheers and football! This is THE BEST time of the year!