Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wrapping it up.

It's been a while and I swear I tell myself so often to write more because it's a hobby and stuff. Sometimes time just doesn't allow for us to do hobbies and stuff unless you are my husband which demands no matter what even if the Earth is ending, he will play golf on Wednesdays. 
Moving right along. We had a great Thanksgiving. Well, from what I remember. Haha. It was totally a wine, appletini kinda day, but I finished it by blaring Christmas music and singing said music at the top of my lungs in the car. Poor, E.
We typically spend Thanksgiving with both our families, but with my Mom's surgery it just didn't work out for them to be here with us. It was the first time in my entire life to spend this holiday without my family hence the singing and blaring of music. The food was delish, the company was great and my spiced caked pumpkin trifle was incredible!
 I love to bake and cook!!!

 Love this guy. With all my heart. Maybe I love his fried turkey too. 
We are gearing up for our vacation and Christmas...maybe my birthday too! It's going to be such a busy December, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
 Loving that E decorated our house with my favorite simple yellow lights. Just love our red door.
 Loving my typed directions for our precious Marley.

Hopefully, we will have big news to report in the upcoming months!!! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marley for Prez.

The election is over...thank Heavens! Perhaps, I can go on Facebook without getting angry. Scratch that...I just did - bad idea. Just one comment - Are we in 2012? Do people really think it's black vs white? 
Marley for President. 
Moving right along...
My Mom has had a tumor on her face\neck\jaw for a very long time. We thought she had it removed a few years ago, but it grew back. Now we know, it probably was not fully removed years ago and I want her to sue the doctor, but I am mean and my Mom is nice. Long story short, she had surgery on Monday. I balled like a baby on Sunday when she told me we actually didn't know if it was malignant or benign. Sunday night and Monday were pretty much the most anxious I have been in a very long much so I had a terrible migraine. Good news is...
All I have to say is the original doctor is very lucky because I might hire a lawyer myself if the outcome was different.
Because of this surgery, my parents had to cancel a trip to Chicago. I didn't even really think about E and I taking the trip instead because you know we don't have two HUGE trips coming in December or anything. But we aren't talking about that. I asked E to see about free plane tickets. Scored those. Received a discount code from a friend for a hotel. Scored that. So, we are going to Chi-town. I am over the moon excited! 
Lists anyone?
We are going to eat at some fabulous restaurants, walk the Magnificent Mile, visit Millennium Park, see Wrigley Field, Navy Pier and lastly, see the Texans whoop the Bears on Sunday! Anything else I need to add to the list? Favorite restaurants? Hot dogs? Pizza? It's going to be cold and that just makes me elated.
The next two months are so busy and I am forever grateful for that especially since Mama bear is cancer free. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


On a day in which our whole management team is out, I am perusing the internet, paying bills, making transfers, planning last minute trips to know the normal stuff. 
Give thanks. 
I am thankful for...
-E. He is my life long partner that has a loyal and forgiving heart. The one that loves me unconditionally and makes me feel like a Queen when I feel like a whale.
-The big Man upstairs.
-My family. 
-My sweet friends.
-My j-o-b. Even though I complain, it pays our bills.
-Marley. He shows us persistence and purpose every single day.
-Starbucks coffee. Especially in the red cup.
-Diamonds and gold.
-My home.
-Cucumbers and tomaters. Together.
-Mason jars.
-Nighttime baths.
-Dyson vacuums.
-Chewing gum.
-Christmas lights.
-Christmas trees.
-Deva Curl.
-Tiffany and her coloring abilities.

And forever & ever this list could go...I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Its Ok Thursdays

Oh, Thursday I love you because that means a half day tomorrow or better yet maybe a half day off.

It's ok...
That I admitted I had terrible PMS to my husband via an emoticon yesterday. It's bad.
To have a gazillion XFactors and The Voices to watch.
To have eaten at least 10 single wrapped Sour Patch Kid candies last night.
To set the alarm clock for 6:45am everyday, but get up at 7:45am.
To absolutely love Zumba even though I know I look like an idiot.
That I have no faith in the Texas Longhorns this weekend. Pretty sure they are going to get put through the ringer. New coach, maybe? Doubtful.
To really want E to find something that will make him happy, lower his stress level and allow him to stay home on Saturday mornings.
That I tell my boss how it is and really don't care about his feelings. Is that bad?
To know I need to be more compassionate and empathetic.
To download three books to my Kindle and still have three that are only half-read.
To love alcohol club more than book club.
To want to chop my hair off...especially when it's impossible to run my fingers through the rat's nest.
That I want Tory Burch Revas in absolutely every color. And, that I will pretty much be asking for TB gift cards for Xmas.
To hope we don't have coffee at home tomorrow morning, so I can get my first red Starbuck's cup of the season.
To officially start the countdown to December. Two vacations, my birthday and Christmas...Blessed.

Lastly, it's okay to want a glass of vino at 2:00pm on a Thursday.