Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love for weddings.

I absolutely love weddings. I plan destination weddings because it incorporates my two loves: Traveling and weddings. I feel that everyone I know or follow is 1) Getting married. 2) Just got married. or 3) Is pregnant. The latter makes me cringe only because I have two trips ahead of me and the thought of not drinking red wine in NYC or Mojitos in Barbados gives me the creeps. ha. 
I have been married for going on 7 years. Caarraazzyy. I married at a rather young age, but I wouldn't have changed a thing about our wedding. I loved every minute of it and really I didn't plan jack shit because my Mom and the planner did everything. Best. Bride. Ever. I just said, "I want pink and green with touches of ivory." They took it from there. I do love to dream about what other people could do for their very own wedding though.
You could have a flower girl that looks like this. Ha. Look at me and check out that bride's gown. Old School. (Note: I dropped the flowers out of my little basket while they were saying their vows...decided to sit on the bride's dress and pick up the flowers. Classic Dillard move.)
 Look at that UT cake. To die for.
 This is the perfect seaside beach wedding.
 Can you imagine saying your I do's under this canopy of trees? I die.
 This almost looks like my bouquet, but I had a ton more callalillies.
 I love the her hair, hair piece, makeup.
 Love these vintage mismatched chairs.
 I mean. Fabulous
And this is the perfect definition of elegance.

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I love all of those pictures!