Thursday, January 27, 2011


Love. Love. Love this song.
And this is precious.
Found on: Steel Magnolia

Thank Goodness it's Thursday.

Don't know about y'all, but boy am I ready for the weekend! I am totally PMSing right now because I am grumpalicious, tired and have zits all over my red-puffy face. Oh joy. 
Thank you for your sweet, uplifting and knowledgeable comments on babies and making babies. I received a couple Facebook messages that totally made me smile on top of smiling from your comments. I am going to stay positive, stay strong, pray a lot and not stress! I don't want my marriage to have a downward spiral because of conception. There ya have it. 
We are so very close to finishing the kitchen! We wanted to have it complete last weekend, however, the cuts were extremely tough for the backsplash. And, we ran out of backsplash tile. I went on a hunt to find it, but unfortunately it's a special order piece. E used to build houses, so he is using his resources to find it. H.E.L.L.O. We have to be done by Sunday. My parents are coming into town the following weekend to see the finished product! I cannot wait for them to see it because I am pretty sure they are going to shit their pants. Oh well. It will be worth it. ;) We still have to:
-Add backsplash to two small walls
-Grout all walls
-Seal all walls
-Touch up paint
-Fix garbage disposal that I "somehow" if it was my fault that I turned the switch and nothing was being shredded. Hmph.
I can't believe it. Blessed. Grateful. Ready to take down the hall bath.
Is it bad that I said this morning, "There is no way we are eating Mexican for dinner...we have food to cook," and now I am dying for a Corona and chips with salsa. Shoot me and those 10 pounds I want to lose.

happy thursday! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


E and I have been together a long time and because of that people tend to believe we do not want children because we do not have them yet. I have written before that I wasn't sure about kids..."do I want one?" "Are we ready?" "None of our close Austin friends have one." And the list goes on and on. I peruse the internet, blogs and different baby sites to see what that baby itch is all about and to learn. I have come up with some findings:
-I don't think people plan for babies. I don't think people go through TTC (Trying-to-conceive). I swear 80% of conception seems to be an "oops, it happened and now we are ecstatic." Is this true? Do people really not sit down and think about and plan on having a baby? (Of course, I don't have one, so I don't know which is the correct way and really, whatever floats one's boat is the best for them.) I think a lot of people have the idea of "we are ready, so if it happens...we will be elated." I wish that would happen to us. I really, really, really do not want to go through the whole TTC and be disappointed every single month. I feel that would not only put a damper on my body, but also our marriage. 
-Next, there are a ton of infertility issues out there. I read so many blogs about's unreal. I went to my gyno in December to have THE talk as well as get my yearly exam and she explained great things to me, but she also told me that infertility is on the rise and no one really knows why. I shouldn't have any infertility issues as I am regular and my mother was the same way, but with that being said...You never know. There is a guy at my office whose wife is begging, hoping and praying to be able to carry a baby. They went through IVF and it failed...I cannot even imagine. I hope and pray my body will be healthy and be able to carry a little peanut!
-Age. No one can tell a lady or a gent when they should carry a baby or TTC. Nowadays, people are getting married older, so they are having babies older, duh. Of course, doctors and experts will tell you the older you are there are more chances of disabilities in the child and it's harder to conceive. I understand all that, but some people prefer to wait. They want to have a life and build a strong, stable marriage FIRST. Others, prefer to have the babies FIRST, so they can have a life later and be younger parents. To-each-is-own. I really hate when people say..."Oh, Julez your biological clock is ticking." Seriously? I doubt that. I am not even in my thirty's...get out of town immediately. 
-Why is breastfeeding causing a frenzy in main stream America? I guess I will never understand or comprehend that one. If I want to breastfeed, I will breastfeed. If I am comfortable with plopping out my boob, so my child can eat in be it. I think everyone is so different and peeps need to stop judging and putting their beliefs on everyone around them.
That's just a start. I go to bed thinking about this and wake up thinking about this. It's interesting to me. The timetable of fertility...natural family planning...when to have sex...when not to have ovulation works...your, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage...and the list goes on and on. Do y'all have tips or thoughts on this joyful time? TTC and pregnancy are supposed to be joyful, right? We will see about that one.
Have you read The Pregnant Chicken? If you haven't you definitely need to because it's stinkin' funny. She uses cuss words (a lot), so if you get offended easily don't say I didn't warn you. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The day has come.

The day has come to the Jensen household...
Our counter tops are going in tomorrow. Let me tell you-I am ELATED! No more nastiness and ugliness is going to be in our kitchen.
We...I mean E, has been working so hard on this project for literally five years. Of course, we didn't have funds to re-do our kitchen right when we bought our house, so it's taken some time. 
Here are some pictures that show the kitchen in progress:

This is a picture of the new bar top. It's limestone\sandstone. Loves.
  Disgusting sink, brown counter tops and brown back splash.
 We used to have bright pink tile, but recently replaced with Travertine.
 Counter tops are gone! E re-did these faces of our cabinets ages ago. Loves.
This is our dining room with all of our kitchen stuff. Cannot wait to organize!
I am actually really bummed that we don't have the original pictures of this kitchen. We, I mean E, has done so much work:
-Took down popcorn ceiling
-Took down wall paper
-Retecturized the walls
-Painted said walls
-Redid face of cabinets
-Stained said cabinets
-New dishwasher
-New Fridge
-New cooktop
-Ripped out all the bright pink tile
-Installed Travertine
-Ripped out counter tops
-New under mount sink
-New faucet
-New baseboards
-New pantry with new paint
-New backsplash
-New counter tops
(BTW, E did most of this...yea, Amazing. If you need handy work done or are thinking about remodeling, he has a business...just sayin'!)
I think that about covers it. 
February 1st will be our 5 year Home Anniversary! What a perfect way to celebrate...with a new kitchen. :)
I will make sure to update with pictures showing the end product...(I could kick myself for not telling my mom yes when asked if I wanted a new kitchen table, damn.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This & That.

It's 2011 and um, I don't feel like being at work. It's so hard to get into the routine of waking up with an alarm clock, fixing breakfast before the sun comes up and fixing lunches as well, showering, getting dressed and make-up'd, the list goes on and on. I digress.
NYE went out with a BANG! Dinner was super fabulous and the cocktail gathering was even more fun. I had one too many cocktails, ha, of course...that's nothing new in my book. My poor, E, was a trooper. I got into a fierce argument with our cab driver, whom wanted to throw us out of the cab, but E made the situation better (Or, so I was told the next morning). See, I said the cocktail gathering was even more fun.
I spent Saturday laying around and watching football. It was super relaxing and I loved every minute of it!
Sunday we took all the Christmas decorations down to include the outdoor lights. I couldn't believe E took those down as he typically is the slacker when it comes to taking things down. Everything is in the attic and hidden away until next year, tear.
I was fortunate to have off on Monday, so it was a day of getting "prepared" for the dreaded short work week. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I just don't like going back after time off.
Here we are now, It's Thursday and I am dying for the weekend and a cocktail. E's best friend is in town from Tulsa and of course, anytime someone visits home they always want Mexican food. We will be going to dindin with T to drink ritas and eat lots of chips and salsa, yumo.
We have many things to get done at the house this weekend! I want our kitchen remodel to be complete like tomorrow, but that is wishful thinking. We are waiting on our granite countertops, faucet and backsplash. After that, we should be complete. Ah, I will rejoice and cook a lot!
I planned my first destination wedding for these two lovies:
I love this couple so stinkin' much. They are getting married in the Dominican Republic in April. We will share the same wedding fun! It's been fun contacting another country and setting up something that will forever be remembered by not only them, but their family and friends.
I hope to be able to begin doing this for more people. I love to travel and give my opinion, so it's the perfect little hobby for me!
Happy Thursday, y'all!