Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Fun

For Eric's 30th birthday gift, I gave him a golf weekend getaway in San Antonio at the Westin La Cantera. I wanted to give him something special that he would remember forever...I definitely did just that. He was shocked when I gave him his gift AND super excited because he was going to have a weekend full of golf. We had a magical weekend. We ate, shopped, golf'd, relaxed, swam...all things relaxing. The golf was fantabulous...they were setting up one of the courses for a PGA tournament. Some of the holes had grand stands behind the greens as well as grand stands at the tips (PGA tee box). Eric loved every minute of being a "PRO" for a round of golf. It was hysterical! The hotel was super duper nice and had amazing food and pools. =)

I love how much fun Eric and I can have together, just the 2 of us. I see many married couples that have children because they are missing something within their marriage, or couples that constantly have to be with other people because they are unable to entertain themselves with eachother. Eric and I don't have any of these issues and I am so thankful for that. We have such a strong marriage based on eachother and no one else. We love being with just the 2 of us...laughing, dancing, listening, drinking & loving.

Monday, September 22, 2008


The hubby is 30 and I think I made it as special as can be for him. We had a blast with all of our peeps! E walked into the restaurant not knowing who was going to be there to celebrate with him and his face was priceless. I loved seeing the joy in his eyes when he saw his best buds sitting there ready to get the night started. Of course, we digressed downtown and partied the night away. It was a memorable night not only for E, but me too! Cheers to 30!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I AM … striving to be the best wife.

I WANT…to live on the East Coast or the Caribbean.

I HAVE … the most loyal & giving parents.

I KEEP … most things to myself.

I WISH I COULD … find a new career or win the lottery, lol.

I HATE … liars.

I FEAR … losing someone I hold dear to my heart.

I HEAR … too many male voices.

I DON’T THINK …. that either President nominee is that great.

I REGRET … nothing.

I LOVE … Eric with all my heart.

I AM NOT … giving up.

I DANCE … when I feel crazy.

I SING … horribly.

I NEVER … tell someone I am going to do something and let them down.

I RARELY … see my brother.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … the Biggest Loser!.

I AM NOT ALWAYS … perfect.

I HATE THAT … Austin has horrible traffic.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … my future.

I NEED … a long vacation.

I SHOULD … volunteer more.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I cannot believe Eric and I have been in eachother's lives for 7 seems like yesterday I met him on the cruise headed to Cozumel. He was a young buck back then...was able to stay up late, drink till the sun came up, and was down to do anything. Now, he is embarking on a whole new era in his life, HIS 30'S!!! Eric turns 30 this Saturday and I cannot believe it. Of course, I always knew I married someone older, but it's amazing to see so many changes in my husband and best friend.
~He is such a devoted man not only to me, but his job, his family, his friends and to the random people he meets daily. He strives to do the best he can and make everyone happy. He is one that is loyal and will always be there for the ones he loves. He has always been independent (So his mother tells me), but becomes dependent when he doesn't feel well. He has the bluest eyes you have ever seen on a man with brown hair. I have never seen brothers have as close of a relationship as Eric and Brian. He is a constant thinker. He believes he is a failure if something isn't perfect. He loves golf. He loves my family. He and my brother are JUST A LIKE. If I said, we are moving tomorrow, he would pack his bags. He misses the snow, but loves Texas fall days. He misses UT and all things college. He says he loves my cooking, but likes to give advice. He loves red wine. He loves Italy. He loves to travel with just me, so we can grow and enjoy eachother's company. He could sit on the couch for days, but would complain about his back hurting. He is like a father to our dog, Marley. And the list could go on and on, but the one thing I know for sure...Eric has a strong passion for all things his life holds now and in the future and I adore him for that.

I love him with all my heart and I know the next 30 years will be filled with love and joy.

Happy Birthday Love! Cheers to 30.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ike has taken a turn, so our tree will be safe, YES! However, I want to discuss this can meterologists feel they do well for people in this world when 80% of the time their forecasts are completely incorrect. Anyone can bet if they say 100% chance of rain for your area, it's really only 70% chance of rain...if they tell you a hurricane is going to hit your town, it most likely isn't going to hit your town. Weather is probably by far the hardest thing to predict because it's nature, but I wish the weather people would admit that MOST of the time it's a guessing game and they get paid to guess. I wish the best for everyone that was notified this morning about mandatory evacuations...I know Austin is going to be a packed place this weekend into next week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our BFF, Ike.

Growing up in Houston, we always were prepared to get hit by a hurricane or at least be very near a hurricane. This season has been quite active already, but thankfully the storms haven't been as severe as they could be since the Gulf is so hot. Living in Austin, I NEVER thought we would need to be prepared for A HURRICANE! Yes, we have lakes, rivers, springs, and ponds, however we are 200 miles away from the Gulf Coast. Things will change on Saturday...they are expecting Ike to hit the Texas Coast and Move up towards Central Texas still remaining as a Category 2. I am excited about all of this and nervous at the same time. I love rain and wind with lightning and thunder, however I don't want our 40 ft tree in the front yard to collapse in half either on our house or in the middle of the street! This poor tree...We had it bolted and looped together from each side of the split. I don't know if it can sustain 50 mile an hour's a strong little booger, just not that strong. We are true WEIRD Austinites and don't want to or didn't want to take it down. Now, I am second-guessing myself...say a little prayer for our beloved tree AND whatever it may fall on! =(

BTW, if you are thrilled by weather check out this

Monday, September 8, 2008

Everslacking blogger

I think I am probably the worst blogger EVER! I get really excited when I read others' blogs because it's amazing how people can come up with things to write about everyday. I think it helps when you have a child...OR I live a very boring life. Onto it...
About 2 months ago, Eric found a job listed on Craigslist...IT'S IN COSTA RICA!!! I was super pumped about this job because I am dying to move out of Texas. Don't get me wrong, I love Texas and I will always call Texas home, but that's the problem...I am too devoted to it. So onto the job, the job is building custom homes on a new golf course in Southern Costa Rica. Eric received an email right after applying asking some detailed questions about his experience, as well as his Spanish speaking abilities. After this email, we didn't hear anything about the position UNTIL last Wednesday...Eric received an email stating he is a finalist for the position! This is a huge accomplishment in itself because over 200 people applied for the position. Again, he had to answer some detailed questions about working visas, moving dates, etc. Even if he doesn't get this job, it's okay because it at least gives me hope that moving away is in our Future!