Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New trendy face

I had glasses, actually progressive bifocals, in college, but I stopped wearing the glasses about 3 years ago because the lenses were sooo scratched. I haven't really noticed a detoriation of my eyesight until about 2 months ago. I would have a headache everyday after work and when I returned home the TV would be blurry (It's an LCD HD, so there is NO REASON for it to be blurry), so I was discussing with my mother about going to TSO to get an eyeexam. She asked me "Are you squinting a lot to see anything?" I said, "No." Well, I then caught myself squinting. My beautiful mom made me aware that I would get wrinkles at an early age, so I went straight to the doc and received my prescription. He told me that I am near sided in both eyes, far sided in my left with an astigmatism, LOL. I chose to go with close up glasses since 90% of my time is reading a computer. I got some oh so fabulous Armanis...I just love them...I have never seen anyone with these glasses, so I feel good about that one...possibly I will start a new trend kind of like Mathew Mchonagey only tucking in 1\2 of the front of his shirt.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fabulous fun in H-tizzle

We had a wonderful weekend in Houston visiting my brother, a few of his buddies, the parental unit, the Chinese girls, and our buddies. We tried to fit everything into 2 days, which was tough, but we succeeded.

As for my parents and the Chinese girls, WOWZA! They were watching 27 Dresses when we arrived and my parents were sitting outside starring into the darkness speechless with a beer in tow. 2 of the girls got into a fight and one "bowed" up on the other and my mom had to break it up. The 2 older girls are NOT happy being in Houston and they will not communicate about it. The translator attempted to help my mom by listening and speaking things back to her. Needless to say, that doesn't work very well. We received our gifts from Lucy who is 13 years old. She is a doll! She speaks the best English out of all of them. She gave me a bookmarker that has a Chinese theatre mask on it and a "hangy" thing that I am going to use as a Christmas ornament (how cool...from China). The girls went to sleep soon after they called their parents in China, showed us their dollars, and told us they love and follow the Communist leader, NO ?'S ASKED. It was an interesting 30 minutes and I just pray my parents make it through it. BTW, my mom took them shopping to the Galleria and bought them some clothes on Saturday...thinking that would win their hearts. We will see about that one!

On Saturday, Eric and I went to Escalantes and then ck'd into our hotel, Hotel Icon. I love this hotel. It's an old bank that was transformed into a hotel. Everything is very romantic with lots of reds, blacks, and silver. When I ck'd in, the lady said, 'have you been here before?" Well, yes we have actually we stayed here on our wedding night 3 years ago. She then proceeded to ask if I remembered the room number because she was going to give us that room!!!! Are you kidding me? Well, of course Eric and I looked at eachother and had NO IDEA what the room # was...oh well, we still had a fabulous room with an imaculate bathroom. Onward to the Astros game, yep it was too much fun...Needless to say, it's not a secret we like to party like rockstars!

We had a great weekend with great friends!

Hope ya'll enjoyed your weekend.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My parents have children, Chinese chilens.

My dear parents are oh so giving not only to their children, but to everyone around them. They received a phone call about 3 months ago from a lady at their church stating a Chinese gov't official was going to be visiting the church with interest in sending kids over for the summer; she wanted my mom to attend the meeting. So, of course my mom attended and agreed to house some of the children\teens. Not just one Chinese teen, BUT 4!!! There were strict guidelines each teen had to meet to be accepted into the program, one was they had to speak English. Well, Well...the girls got to my parents on Wednesday AND they don't speak English. My brother and I were laughing hysterically because my parents basically FREAKED! I think it's just because the girls were nervous and need to get aclimated to their new environment...we are hoping. The girls are 14 years old and come from well-to-do families. One girl's name is Lucy (How Cute!) and she is obsessed with Paris Hilton, hilar. Eric and I are driving to Houston for the weekend, making a side visit with Bird (aka, my brother) to my parents this evening...should be interesting! I will post some pictures on Monday of the girls known as my Chinese Sisters.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have to laugh at the new picture I have put with my title...Eric always takes pictures of us because he doesn't like to ask people to take them, hence, why his arm is in the picture. I know I could have cropped the picture to take out his enormous white arm, however, it adds a little character and reminds me of why our vacations are hysterical and so much fun. I love him!


What were you doing 10 years ago?
~I was 16, so I was cruising around in my new little car...taking friends places...goin to parties and Katy football games on Friday nights...swimming for KHS....being a teenager =)

Things on my To-Do List today:
~Figure out why we haven't received Marley's meds in the mail
~Figure out why I haven't received my WPC stuff in the mizail
~Get ready for the weekend
~Do some usual weekly reports
~Fill out a company survey
~Drink Wine
~Watch HGTV, while the hubby plays poker

What are some snacks you enjoy?
~Anything salty, IE: pickles, chips, almonds, peanuts, popcorn (Really healthy ingredients)

What would you do if you were a millionaire?
~Travel the world!!!!! Give my family anything they wanted, Buy a house on each Caribbean island, YES!

Name some of the places you've called home:
Katy, Texas
Fulshear, Texas
San Marcos, Texas
Austin, Texas
~Do you see a trend?!? All in Texas...where is that change?

What are some jobs you've held?
~Swim Coach
~Preschool Teacher
~Billing Coordinator
~Executive Assistant
~Engineering and QA Assistant

Who are you tagging? All of you that just read this.