Thursday, September 27, 2012

I haz a serious problem.

I recently have been super annoyed with all things Facebook. I feel they are all over the internet world and really just taps into anything and everything I do. It's weird. Also, all of my 500+ "friends" think it's a-okay to constantly talk all things politics whilst bashing their "friends" because they don't believe the same's not okay. Don't even get me started on the people that ONLY get on FB to update their status when they bought something, won something, announcing a pregnancy or bragging about travel. Those people that only brag and act like their little lives are perfect...yea, they drive me to not log into the good ole FB. BUT...
I LOVE ME SOME INSTAGRAM! I am addicted. I love that there is little to absolutely no drama involved. It's clearly a picture taking and uploading place which is my 2nd most favorite thing in the world. 

I LOVE ME SOME EMOJIS AND ANIMATED EMOTICONS. I am addicted. I have stated that before. I seriously have a problem. Poor E. He plays along so well with my goofiness. Here's proof of what he receives on the daily:

Now, how can I make millions or even a few thousand off these addictions?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Oh here's the weekend in pictures. Actually, these started last Thursday on my love's birthday! 
I have to say: I made the BEST cupcakes ever. Snickers chocolate ones to be exact. Like, melt in your mouth...I could eat 100 at a time...damn good.
We fested it out by slingin' ice at Austin Pride. It was an experience...that's for sure.

Dunking drag queens. That's normal for a Saturday, right?!
We hung out with a two week old pig named Bacon, on bacon-mania a bar. Cutest thing I ever did see.
And, I ended the weekend with a long walk to the gym.
Oh, but wait...we watched this home girl sit in the Chick Fil A "line" on Sunday. Pretty sure she was really angry no one was answering her hellos at the drive thru, so she proceeded to DRIVE THRU. Hysterical. Um: Note to America...remember the Chick Fil A CEO\Prez is a die.hard.Christian so he chooses to close his shops on Sundays. 
Idiot of the weekend right there.
Remember Tory owed me an e-gift card because of the janky calf hair purse? I received $600 in e-gift cards today. Now, I am debating what in the heck to purchase! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I believe in.

I believe in the fact that black really is a color.

I believe in forgiveness.

I believe in gold jewelry not platinum.

I believe in Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice lattes.

I believe in never giving up.

I believe in my husband.

I believe in myself.

I believe in best friends.

I believe in Kendra Scott turquoise jewelry.

I believe in THE Texas Longhorns.

I believe in family.

I believe in college football.

I believe in eating comfort food whenever you feel down.

I believe in Italian food on Sundays.

I believe in washing clothes, but not folding them until Wednesday or better yet the following week.

I believe in dresses.

I believe in vacations.

I believe in quotes.

I believe in beaches and sunsets.

I believe in Christianity.

I believe in celebrating birthdays.

I believe in baking & cooking & eating out.

I believe in life.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We had an eventful weekend that basically consumed all our energy and time until 130am on Sunday. We actually slept in and had coffee in bed on Sunday which was absolutely amazing. E is definitely not much of sleeper or a lay-er in bed, so it was heavenly plus the massage and Mexican dinner helped. The wedding was very pretty! The bride looked gorgeous and the venue turned into a fabulous retreat for an outdoor wedding. And, I have to add we got to watch Texas beat down Ole Miss via WatchESPN on our phones. Hook 'Em!
Onto some of my loves this week!
I am loving that we shared our favorite shot on Friday. Washington Apple. Every where we go, we get this shot. Sometimes they are so tasty, but in places like St Kitts they are disgusting.

I am loving these roasted shrimp enchiladas I made last night. They were amazing and I used low fat sour cream to lessen the calories in the sauce. You can find these on my Pinterest board: jajensen
I am loving the beautiful yellow flowers E brought home last night. He really knows my how to brighten my day. Just adore him.
I am loving that I received an email today in which has me elated. 
I am loving that E's birthday is tomorrow! I am in the process of getting his gifts together. I love celebrating!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday - You are my favorite.


Dear Friday- Thank heavens you have arrived. I feel like a broken record, but these work weeks are putting a damper on this gal. Dear Busy BIL wedding weekend- Be kind. Stop raining. Bring on the champagne. Dear Brother- I am worried. Be courageous and just laugh people off. I promise it will make them feel worse. Dear E- Even when we are agitated at each other or angry at what is going on in our lives, I am glad we can cuddle and kiss good bye. I adore you. Dear hair color- You are kind of dark. I am not used to it yet, but hopefully I will love you when I take my hair out of the ball cap and fix you. Dear Longhorns- You better beat Ole Miss. Dear Parents- We will miss you at the wedding this weekend, but I know Dad walking on the field into Cowboy stadium is way more fun! Dear green grass- Aren't you happy? The rain is amazing. Dear Starbucks- YOU MADE THIS GIRL'S DAY. Pumpkin Spice Latte heaven.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

If you ask, you shall receive.

We have had one of those weeks that you think is going to be really bad, but when something bad happens a good thing is next. Explanation, no?
1. E bought a book on MY Kindle that I just received at Christmas. No big deal. The other night as we were sitting on the couch I happened to ask him, "where is MY Kindle?" He replied, "in my car." I wanted to gasp, but instead I just made a comment about the heat. He proceeded to go get it; lo and behold only half of the screen worked! Total failure on behalf of Amazon. Poor thing...I am referring to E.
Bad thing = Kindle stopped working. Good thing = Amazon is amazing and with minimal amount of questions sent me a brand new one today!
2. I received a Tory Burch Leopard Calf Hair purse from my parents for Christmas. I love me some Tory however the hair is falling off the purse. This purse wasn't cheap either...I am talking like really not cheap. So, I thought about it yesterday and decided to send an email regarding how upset I was at the quality of the purse. I received a response that goes like this:
Dear Julie,
Thank you for contacting Tory Burch with regard to your damaged item. We apologize that your item has not worn as expected. Please send the item back to us and we will issue you an e-gift card.
Pretty sweet because look at how awful this purse is right now:
And, that's happening on the sides too. 
Bad thing = Tory bag I adore is losing it's hair. Good thing = I will be receiving a gift card in the amount my parents spent on the purse. I should be able to get a purse and a pair of flats. Winning.
3. I had major cramps last night and I was cold. 
Bad thing = I had major cramps and E wasn't home to give my empathy. Good thing = Since E wasn't home, I got to sit on the couch with our quilt and a sweat shirt on & watch X-Factor. E dislikes reality TV. Too sad for him because he missed this thang:
 And, that would be a male.
4. My job drives me insane.
Bad thing = My job drives me to insanity and makes me live with a poor attitude. Good thing = I order lunch and steal the cookies for E.
5. We have a wedding this weekend. It's a family wedding.
Bad thing = It's supposed to rain and I have really curly hair. Good thing = I am learning compassion through it all. 
Which do you choose?
6. The best thing of this week thus far that doesn't have a bad thing attached before or after. We had a slumber party with this cutie-patootie! 
Seriously! Isn't he the cutest baby ever? Calm down baby makers. :)
Or don't.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How will you be remembered?

E was sitting on the couch this morning when I walked to the living room to sit on the floor to put on my makeup. He was silent watching Sports Center. I tuned in and all of the sudden I had tears running down my face. They were covering a story of a hero. A hero that made a huge impact on the dreadful day we all remember, 9-11. He was in the bottom of the towers setting up a triage station for people to receive aid, running around asking if people needed help and never left the towers before they fell. His parents told his story like any parent would after dealing with such a horrific memory, but the person that told the best story was the Asian lady whose life was saved because of him. She keeps his picture on her side table by her couch to remember his life forever. People from his college wear red bandannas for the red run in support of him. An Olympic athlete who skis wears the red bandanna under his helmet to remember his friend. This young man is a hero and will always and forever be remembered that way. I could only hope to be remembered as someone that changed a life. 
How will you be remembered when you are gone? 
Never forget.

Monday, September 10, 2012

If you knew something.

We had a fun-filled weekend that started with wine club Friday night and ended with stuffed pork chops on Sunday. In between was a little football, a little dancing and a lot of boozing. :)
We love this city and the special people we have here to celebrate little things like...UT football, duh.
So onto the If you knew me post. I love these little things because I think it's fun to look back on posts via FB, Instagram or Blogger to see how we change over the years.

So onto it, shall we?
If you really knew me...
*you'd know I met my husband on a cruise my freshman year of college.
*you'd know I have an older brother that is a month older than E. E is the brother T never had growing up. Unfort for T, he was stuck with  me.
*you'd know I wanted to be a teacher, but my senior year of college they told me the state of Texas ruled against Sociology as being a minor. I had to then switch my minor and major. I ended up with equivalent hours for each meaning = 2 majors.
*you'd know I would rather watch football on a Saturday than go shopping or gab with girl friends.
*you'd know I cannot and will not get out of bed easily. I love my bed and my rest!

*you'd know I have the teeny-tiniest toe nails on planet Earth and it's one of two things I am really self-conscious of when it comes to my body.
*you'd know the other thing I am self-conscious of is my inner thigh fat. 
*you'd know I didn't have hair until I was 2 or 3. It was board straight. I started my period and now have ringlets. Odd.
*you'd know I had gray hair starting in 8th grade. I would most definitely be fully gray if I didn't color my hair.
*you'd know I hate fixing my own cup of coffee and rarely do because E makes it so much better!
*you'd know I spent my 30th birthday in Barbados.
*you'd know E and I love to travel.
*you'd know I am really independent.
*you'd know my love language is not touch and it's something I work on constantly because E's is totally touch.
*you'd know we have been married for 7 years & together for almost 12 years.
*you'd know I am a Longhorn by marriage and a Bobcat by graduation.
*you'd know I am a skrimp compared to the rest of my family. They are TALL!
*you'd know I love photography and planning events.
*you'd know we own a business.
*you'd know I am changing myself for the better. :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters.


Dear Friday: Thank you so much for finally arriving. I have really been struggling with being miserable from 9am-5pm, so your arrival is perfect. Dear Eric: Thank you for being my best friend. Dear Longhorn Network: I hate you. Dear Longhorns: You best kick some ass tomorrow night! Dear Bobcats: Can you be 2-0, please? Dear Facebook friends: Facebook is not the place to bash other people's beliefs and opinions just because they aren't the same as yours. Have respect for yourself and your friend list. It's getting ridiculous! Dear Wine Club: I am excited to pop the top. Dear Dress and Shoe shopping: Please be kind. I know my body isn't the size I want it to be, but I need to look fabulous next weekend. Be easy on me and don't let my husby kill me since he will be with me. Dear Zumba: I love you. Dear Curly Hair: Shall I go straight for a little while? Would you come back to me if I got tired of the straight locks? I think I would miss you.

Have yourself a fabulous weekend! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


In life there are so many trials and tribulations we go through that are unforeseen and that we would never imagine. But, the one thing that matters the most is how we handle those things and how we move on and become a bigger better person with ourselves and our relationships. We are learning this now. We are learning to live in the moment for we cannot change the past and we cannot foresee the future. That's a powerful lesson. It's a hard lesson. It's a lesson that takes a lot of practice. I am changing. E is changing. Our families are changing. All in a positive light. Amazing.

I've missed this here writing outlet.

Go get this now. It will change you forever.