Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Season.

We had a wonderful break with the family(s) this Christmas. Since we both have siblings whom aren't married yet, we travel on Christmas. Most people think we are crazy, however, it wouldn't be fair to break the Jensen or Dillard family Christmas traditions. We stayed at the Jensen's house for a couple of nights including Christmas Eve. We had a great time in the country side, reading, eating, golfing, drinking, talking, & laughing. No one liked me on Christmas morning because I was awake at 6:30 am ready to rock-n-roll on the gifts "Santa" had left us. I was waking everyone up by 7 am...needless to was really because we were on a time table to get to the Dillard's house. We left JC and hauled booty...ummmm, BUT I got pulled over and received a speeding ticket ON CHRISTMAS DAY people, so hauling booty quickly turned to driving like a grandma and getting passed by every car on 71 booty. We finally got to my parents and had another magical Christmas along with special family time. The day after Christmas I went shopping with my mom...what a mistake...sheesh, the Galleria was PACKED. While we shopped, my hubby and Pops played golf. And of course...we ate some fabulous Mexican food on Friday night at Little Pappasito's. We left Saturday to come back to our home and have our Christmas. It was so much fun opening gifts 3 times!!! I am so thankful to live in the middle of both of our families, so we do not have to seperate our holidays. We are blessed beyond belief!!! Come on 09...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is too soon!

It seems like I have been unable to come up for air the past 2 months...I swear it was September 1st yesterday! I share an Event Planner role at my office and this year we had to take on the whole process of event planning because our EA was let go. It has been fun, BUT a lot of work...a lot of thankless work. We had our Thanksgiving luncheon, a Santa's workshop with 70 children (and their parents), & finally a Holiday Party. All of these occurring within 3 weeks of eachother. I am down right T-I-R-E-D. I slept all weekend and still seems like I am lacking sleep. The events were fabulous and I am glad the stress and rush is over...until Springtime.

I HAVEN'T BOUGHT ONE CHRISTMAS GIFT! Well, I fib...I have one...and have 7 more people to buy for by next Tuesday. Oh my goodness...I have no idea when to go, where to go, or what to buy for that matter. My life has been rushed, stressful, overwhelming, & late the past 2 months I haven't even thought of gifts. I have a week to get it all done...looks like the outlet mall at midnight will be my home this weekend.

As for the Holiday Season, I love it! I love how jolly everyone is around me. I love all the parties, the gifts, MY BIRTHDAY, the food, shopping, egg nog with crown, Christmas trees, wreaths, fresh poinsettas, UGG boots...and the list goes on and on. I am thankful that Eric and I have jobs and the ability to provide gifts to our loved ones this year. I am thankful to be able to spend quality time with friends and family throughout the season. And lastly, I am thankful for the Reason for the Season, Jesus Christ.

Wishing everyone a special Holiday Season!