Monday, October 27, 2008

Bad Sunday.

This is a sad, sad story, but I have to tell it one...because I am proud of myself, two...because I cannot believe people are so cruel.
It started with going to get a pedicure and relaxing Sunday late morning. After the pedi, I had scheduled to take some shoes back to Academy, then go to the grocery store....instead....I was stuck in traffic..................a dog had been hit by a car. I pulled up and my eyes filled with water because the poor doggie was covered in blood and just laying there. The man that hit him was standing over him, there were about 4 other people along with a police officer. I kept saying to the people this doesn't look good and someone needs to take this dog to an emergency clinic. Well, no one responded. The police officer stated, "I am trained to NOT transport animals. I will call animal control. It will take approx 2-3 hours for them to get here." 2-3 HOURS ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME...this dog didn't have that long to live. I looked at the man that hit the dog and he stated, "I am not taking the dog anywhere." I looked at the others and they stated "We are on our way to Indiana." I said, "Great, I will take the dog." I added a few horrible, mean, cruel words to the man that hit him, but I would rather not post about that on here. We put the dog who might I add was bloody, had pooped on himself because of a high temprature into the back seat of my car. I rushed him to the Vet hospital, so he could receive the care he needed ASAP. The owners of the Vet hospital were so grateful for what I did because they said most people just don't care. Which leads me to my next point...who on this Earth would be so inhumane and leave a living species there to die.? It pains me so much to think people are so careless, have so much hate, and no care in the world. No wonder our society is where it is today...some people just need to crawl in a hole and never come out again. As for the doggie, I released him to the Vet clinic. They are going to take care of him with the care and love he deserves. I am now working on getting him a new home by contacting rescue groups. If you know anyone or would like a new dog, let me know. He is a precious angel that deserves another chance at life!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Size denial.

You would think I am talking about clothes, right?!? Well, I am talking about shoe size denial. I have gotten past the fact that I can no longer wear a size 8 in clothes, BUT I never thought I would need a size 8 OR BIGGER in shoes. A few months ago, I was having some health issues and needed to get my crap together, therefore, I have been exercising 6 days a week including swimming, weights, and other cardio. It was time for new sneaks since I hadn't bought a new pair of "exercise" shoes in about 3 years. I did some research on the best running shoes for my feet and came to the conclusion that Asics would be the chosen ones. I went to Academy bought my 7 1\2's in the Asic Nimbus and went to the gym...the visit was VERY VERY short lived because I couldn't move my feet...they were numb, throbbing, red, and swollen. They down right hurt like hell. I couldn't figure it out, so I went to Run Tex (An Austin Weird store that studies your feet) to get their advice (only advice because their shoes are about $30 more than Academy). And the denial began...The salesperson told me the shoes I have been wearing are the wrong size. Drum roll....I needed a 9 or 9 1\2. I was flabbergasted at this claim. I DIDN'T NEED that big of a size in shoes. I have worn 7 1\2 my whole entire life. I know, I know you need a bigger size in athletic shoes, but 2 sizes bigger...I don't think so. I left there a little baffled, went to Academy and compromised on my shoe size: an 8 1\2. I am going to the gym tonight, so we will see if Mr. Salesman at the Keep Austin Weird store was actually correct.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maine's Beauty

Eric's parents live in Denmark, Maine 6 months out of the year (I know...must be rough.) They live there from June to November and return to Texas for the winters. We hadn't seen them since May, so us and the brother-in-law made a trip this past week. I was AMAZED! #1~ I was amazed because of how much work they had done on their house, #2~The milk farm closed early, #3~The maginificent leaves on the trees! Living in Texas my whole life, I never have been surrounded by FALL leaves. The leaves here change from green to in between BUT in the Northeast the leaves look like fire. The red, yellow, orange colors are picturesque. I couldn't stop taking pictures. I loved it!
We ate lobster ($4.89 a pound might a add, so cheap.), ate junk food, wore scarfs & hoodies, took romantic walks along the dam, fished, drank, read, visited a pumpkin patch, shopped, long drives on roads that lead to no where, acted like 4 year olds and rode a swing, chased dogs, played scrabble, watched UT whoop OU, watched the Red Sox lose (Mainards LOVE the Sox) and thoroughly enjoyed eachother's company....I am so grateful they live there during the will be in the family forever and a great place for many more to enjoy!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Make-up Madness

My entire life I have always been a "make-up jumper" meaning I jump from one make-up line to another because I am never 100% satisfied (I think this may have to do with the fact that my beautiful mother LOVES make-up.) Or because I have roseacea. The Roseacea causes my face to always be red...I get the comments of "Man, you got a lot of sun this weekend," um actually nope, my face is ALWAYS red, but thanks for noticing. I have been doing some research on products that help with the redness and found quite a few items that help. I wanted a one-stop shop, so I visited the new Ulta by our house, which has all the high dollar lines now and of course cheap lines too. I was there for almost an hour and a half searching and searching and finally made my decision. I bought Eucerin's Red Face moisturizer, which is GREEN...yea, I know quite odd. The green actually neautralizes the red tones, so my skin looks's incredible. Since I have to use Sensitive Skin make-up as well, I went with Lorac wet\dry powder. It doesn't contain parabens and the other bad stuff that other products contain in all their make-up. I love them's only been 2 days and I can see the difference; I can only imagine how WHITE my face will be in a month. Good bye Clinque!