Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Wednesday.

...We know what that means- I have a few things I am loving...

I am loving that we have a fabulous weekend somewhat planned to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday. We have some surprises lined up for the old fart to include: tequila, limes and a Red River Rivalry viewing partay.

I am loving my maxi skirt that is fall-ish I bought at Old Navy for a whoppin' $12.50. I really want the tan one, so I can wear browns and creams. I will definitely be taking this comfy piece to NYC.

I am not liking the iPhone 5 doesn't exist, but loving the fact that I get an iPhone 4s because my current phone doesn't have sound since my wonderful husband dropped it in a mason jar of skinny girl margarita.

I am loving that our lantana around our oak tree is blooming in beautiful yellows, oranges and pinks. This is by far the most drought resistant flowers\bushes. We kept them alive this Summer and I am thankful I get to walk past these every time I leave or come home. 

I am loving that Hey Cupcake! has their pumpkin cupcake out...I will definitely be stopping tomorrow on my way to get the hair did and purchase dozen one cupcake.

Cupcakes, hair appointments, booze and football...good week, folks!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh! Those pumpkin cupcakes look delicious!