Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i am: excited for what my future holds.
i think: about a lot of things constantly.
i know: my husband loves me no matter what.
i want: my vacation to be here already.
i have: a wonderful family.
i wish: my parents and brother lived next to me.
i hate: jealousy.
i miss: my family.
i fear: loss.
i feel: tired and worn out...that time.
i hear: a vacumn cleaner.
i smell: popcorn.
i crave: mexican food.
i search: deep down to be a better person, daughter, and wife.
i wonder: when we will decide to have children.
i regret: not moving away from Texas when I graduated from college.
i love: the weekends!
i ache: once a month.
i care: but sometimes don't show it.
i always: drink water.
i am not: a super model.
i believe: in love.
i dance: when no one is watching.
i sing: but cannot carry a tune.
i don’t always: hold back what I am thinking or feeling.
i fight: rarely.
i win: at who talks the most.
i lose: at running.
i never: hold back.
i confuse: Eric.
i listen: to everyone.
i can usually be found: at home.
i am scared: rats, snakes, flying bugs, anything that slivers.
i need: Eric.
i am happy about: my 12 days of bliss!

The ever so BEASTLY fountain.

It must be Spring time because all of our neighbors are out in their yards every Saturday at the butt crack of dawn starting their mowers and weed eaters. It's a joyous noise...WRONG! Well, we showed them...haha. We were up extra early on Saturday and Sunday because we are staying in to conserve money before our lovely 12 days of bliss; So, on Saturday E started up the blower at about 9 am and then the weedeater started and finally the mower and alas the blower again. I am sure no one cared around us because they were probably thinking to themselves, "we should be outside completing the weekend chores as well." We decided to move to the back yard and work on Sunday. We planted more flowers, pruned all the veggies, mowed, raked AND finally dug the hole for the LARGEST, HEAVIEST fountain ever built by mankind (We were given this beautiful beastly thing from my parents when they built their new home). The fountain hole has been dug and it's going to look great under the world's UGLIEST tree that Eric was trying to kill on Sunday, BUT we must figure out how the actual fountain sits. It may seem easy, however, it's quite a puzzle. We decided to quit the "trying to figure it out" task and called it a day. The back yard is really coming together and now we just need patio furniture, so we can sit and enjoy (will be calling the parental units for that one). To end the Sunday, we had a nice dinner and some wine and I am sure our lovely neighbor was checking out our back yard through his fence holes...