Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween. How much does it stink Halloween is on a Monday!? I love Halloween only because we get to see all the munchkins dressed up walking and knocking around the neighborhood. E and I don't dress up because I don't like spending money on items we are going to use or wear once. With that being said, I do love candy corn! ha.

For Italian Sunday, E and I made homemade pizza dough and pizza last night. It was so fun to put on our toppings of choice and have the house smell like a pizzeria. 

Excuse the ghetto pizza crust. It tasted legit at least.

E and I don't talk to each other that much during the day because we are both busy and it leaves us with a lot to discuss at night. :) I do send him text messages but typically I get nothing in responses. It's totally annoying! I swear the things I text are really important...

I really want another tattoo on my wrist...I flippin' love this and would love it even more if it said "Grace."

Don't trick yourself into treats!

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