Monday, January 30, 2012

Damn, my butts gettin' big.

We had a lovely weekend that was filled with sunshine, food, friends, booze and an engagement. 
I swear I gained a hundred pounds this weekend. Problem. It started with a little something I made from Pinterest. I try to make a crock pot dish every week because it's easy and pretty much cheap. It was the Italian Chicken dish over pasta. DELISH!
I chose low fat ingredients: 1\3 the fat Phildelphia cream cheese and Healthy Select Cream of Chicken soup so at least it was semi-healthy. E loved it too and that is really hard to come by when it comes to crock pot meals. Is it bad that most things I pin are food items with recipes? Fat girl problems. 
On Friday, we went to a new local spot called Lucy's Fried Chicken. It didn't disappoint. There were six of us, so we split everything and headed to do some more drinking...what else would we do on a Friday?
Saturday was filled with a hangover, laying around, cleaning up the house and getting ready to become spies. 

We started with a cerveza rita...yummy! Don't you want to dunk your head in that glass? I do.
Once 6pm came around, we hauled bootay downtown because my brother in law was proposing on Congress. We wanted to see if we could catch a glimpse of the whole thing and perhaps get it on video. That didn't happen, but he did see E standing on the street corner after he had done the proposal. Awkward. We decided we wanted to crash their dinner congratulate them, so we headed over and bought some champagne for a toast. On our way, we stopped and were standing on the sidewalk when all of the sudden the parking meter began to spit out quarters! Say what? E immediately went into the market and bought a lotto ticket. 
Sunday was a day of rest, grocery shopping and working out. My butt is getting bigger and that shiz has to end right away. I absolutely could live in the sauna. Give me Enya on Pandora, a dim light, a towel...Relaxation!
It's a new week filled with doctor's appointments, organization and working out. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday.

I am wearing the beloved H&M Grandma sweater today that everyone and their Mom or Grandma owns. I want to rip it off because I am itchy, WTH. 
I am a gazillion days late for my period, but not pregnant. I am grateful I made my annual appt for next Tuesday because this girl needs some questions answered, STAT. 
I sold some purses to a lady at my office and immediately, actually before she even paid me, bought the gold watch I have been lusting over the past month. My beloved ToyWatch has to be put to rest as it broke and this is the perfect replacement. The bracelet that looks like wood is actually Barbadian coral that is hand crafted from a candle and coral. Loves it. I get asked so many times where someone can buy one? In Barbados is always my clever response.
E and I are supporting Girl Scouts around the globe with the purchase of cookies. Shortbread only have 120 calories for 4 cookies, ain't that bad? 
I am trying to read Hunger Games, but cannot seem to get into it. I hope the next few chapters will open my mind to finishing not just the first book, but the whole series.
Today was "wear your hair in a bun" day and my hair was frizzy, so I put lotion on my hands  then proceeded to run my fingers through my hair. Now my head looks a little shiny. FAIL.
Thank Heavens tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A bone to pick.

On my NYC trip with my Mom, we did a lot of shopping. I mean, we hit up every single H&M store in NYC and almost every single boutique that had weird shit. I loved it and I had one motive: Buy a pair of Steve Madden tall boots that I have been swooning over the past 6 months. 
My mission was accomplished and my sweet Mom bought them for me.
Well, let me tell you- I am pissed. I wish I had a twitter account with 16M followers like the Bieber so I could bad mouth the boots and Steve Madden. I have had them since NOV, don't wear them every day and a piece fell off the heel yesterday. The rubber has holes in it. I contacted the store where they were purchased a whole two months ago and they directed me to SM directly; SM directed me to my local SM shop. I am not giving up! The boots weren't cheap, but obvs not really expensive, but they were over $100 and I will fight till I get a new pair. 
Off my rant.
Look- isn't that upsetting?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do you kiss good night?

On Saturday, I was sitting at one of my dear friend's houses waiting to see the finished nursery, chatting with the girls with no TV and at some points no noise. We sat and chatted about this person and that person, about babies, about the opinion of people that already have babies and lastly about men. We went on and on about marriage and how it's hard to date when single at the age of 32 (not moi, obvs) because men go for the younger crowds. I began to think how blessed I am for having found my love at such a young, resilient age. We have been together for 11 years and I am only 30 years old...that's a long time. I said to K & P, "E is my boy, my boo, my best friend. There is no one like him and I never want to be away from him." 
We are two very different people. Our love language is so very different. We learn about each other every single day. We cuddle every single Saturday and Sunday morning. We fall asleep on the couch together every single night. I tell him everything (so no one can really expect me to keep a secret) and he tells me everything. I shop for him. I make his lunch every morning and his breakfast most days. He makes my coffee every morning. We yell at each other and I say hateful things sometimes. He will run my bath water when I ask him. He gets so pissed at me for being on Facebook and Pinterest at night (what's a girl to do?). I have pet peeves about him and he has the same about me...chewing too loudly...that will get us both angry. We are partners in crime. We are travel buddies. The kid hasn't done laundry in 11 years, but I haven't cleaned out the garage in 6 years. He does the outdoor chores and I do the indoor chores, but we both like to make the yard pretty. He is my other half, my soul mate. 
We don't have a perfect marriage, far from it actually, but we kiss each other good night every night; I am reminded of his love for me before I dream.

Monday, January 16, 2012


We knew they were coming into town about a month ago, but we didn't buy tickets just for the fact that we didn't know if we could make the show. Friday night, I asked E if he wanted to see them on would be $100. 
It didn't take him long to say, "let's do it."
We saw a little ghetto-fab:
Wu Tang Clan
See- me being from Houston I love some ghetto rap music and E being from Philly really, really loves the Wu so it was a match made in Heaven. One of the very first gifts I bought E 11 years ago were tickets to see the Wu, so of course I was all game for a Saturday night date with my E listening to one of his favorite groups.
The crowd was weird. Last time, they played at an outside venue and let's just was filled to the brim with ghetto-ness. This show was inside at Emo's and was filled with Emo kids, wtf? I wanted a bit more ghetto, but Emo kids that smelt, were wasted and jumping up and down filled the arena.
All 9 of the Clan were there and they did not disappoint!!! 
Spreading CrysTAL all over the crowd, sweating profusely and throwing their towels, taking off clothes and throwing shirts, rapping to the beat randomly, smoking blunts openly and seriously all of them smiling from ear to ear with the pleasure of being in Austin entertaining a crowd was Priceless.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Long time, no talk?

It's been the new year for a couple of weeks and I am ready to be back in 2011 when I was laying on the beach in Barbados! Why is JAN so hectic in my home and my office? needtodropthenegativeattitude. Moving onward...Happy Hump Day!

A few things I am loving...

I am loving that I am married to an organizer. E loves to be organized, put together and everything to be picked up. He cleaned out three closets, every single drawer in the house and made me do the same. I have to say though...I am relieved to have gotten rid of 7 bags of old clothes and shoes. 

I am loving that I found a pair of Manolos that do not fit me in the back of my closet.  They have been worn um maybe twice by my Mom and then given to me. I couldn't get rid of them because they are beauties, but now I want the money. :)
Oh yea, do you want to buy them? Let me know. They are size 8 (39) And if you don't, tell your friends. They are brown with about a three inch heel and a pointy toe.

I am loving that Texas has the biggest and most beautiful sky.

I am loving that the Texans are headed to their second play off game! My parents have been season ticket holders since the very beginning, so I am pleased as punch they are getting to experience this.
I am loving we finally have Wifi at our house again. Seriously, don't know what I would do without it now that my iPad works at home. 

I am loving these words of wisdom from Pinterest: