Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween. How much does it stink Halloween is on a Monday!? I love Halloween only because we get to see all the munchkins dressed up walking and knocking around the neighborhood. E and I don't dress up because I don't like spending money on items we are going to use or wear once. With that being said, I do love candy corn! ha.

For Italian Sunday, E and I made homemade pizza dough and pizza last night. It was so fun to put on our toppings of choice and have the house smell like a pizzeria. 

Excuse the ghetto pizza crust. It tasted legit at least.

E and I don't talk to each other that much during the day because we are both busy and it leaves us with a lot to discuss at night. :) I do send him text messages but typically I get nothing in responses. It's totally annoying! I swear the things I text are really important...

I really want another tattoo on my wrist...I flippin' love this and would love it even more if it said "Grace."

Don't trick yourself into treats!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am not a big health nut, but I am definitely self-aware regarding my personal health as well as E's health. (IE: I am not ashamed to call the doctor and ask what his blood pressure reading was at his appointment.) Neither of us could stomach taking multivitamins. I would get nauseated and E just didn't like the taste. Since following the blog land, I have learned about GummiVites...they are sent straight from Heaven, seriously. We now take our vitamins every day. They do have 15 calories per serving because of the sugar, but I don't really care because I need my vits. 
Run and buy these now:
Next, I get really anxious on Sunday nights. Like, stir in the a marathon...flip from my stomach to back a gazillion times...wake up thirsty and the list continues. E doesn't sleep well any time only because he only needs 4-6 hours of sleep to function. I know his heart and body need more than that though, so I went on a mission to help us both. I bought Melatonin! Who knew this stuff is like chamomile, lavendar, total relaxation in a pill? I had no idea. I took a whole pill on Sunday night and Monday I felt like a zombie all day. E took half a pill and slept till 630! Last night I took half and slept like a rock in the Grand Canyon. I am now a Melatonin addict.
I went to the gyno a couple of years ago with concerns about lethargy, lack of losing weight, etc and she ran some tests on me. Come to find out I am border line Type 2 Diabetic which totally made me run to the gym, sign up for a membership and lose 30 pounds. I have kept all of that off but about 10 pounds that comes and goes by just looking at food. Anyhow- since I have to really watch my carb intake, I stopped using sugar and artificial sweeteners in my coffee. I sweeten my coffee with cream and cinnamon. Cinnamon is pretty much a wonder spice!

Little bit of healthy living goes a long I just need to figure out how to get my hair to grow like a weed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hump Day loves.

It's Hump Day...Thank goodness we are that much closer to the weekend. I am loving quite a few things this week.

I am loving the amazing weather we are having this week in Austin. I walk outside and it really feels like Fall which never happens in these parts until um...Winter.

I am loving that my in-laws are back from Maine (they live there 6 months out of the year, jealy much?) and brought home a few 12-packs of our favorite...Shipyard Pumpkin Ale. It's Amazing! Too bad it's not sold in Texas. 

I am loving I am perfecting my Bolognese Sauce. Every time I make it it's better and better. Throw some garlic bread with it...Yummy!

Lastly, I am loving my hard working hubby...I swear I don't know anyone with the same loyalty. Love his heart.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I did it again.


  • Every Friday is Shangri La night because they sell $2 Lone Star bottles until 9 and a divine philly cheese trailer is next door. Enter: FAT GIRL. I had about a dozen said Lone Stars and ate a whole philly. 
  • I didn't log my calories for Friday because I am almost certain I went over my allotted amount.
  • We had an event on Saturday, but I am so lazy and hate waking up at the ass crack of dawn, so I didn't shower...just brushed my grill and threw on my clothes. It's not that bad since I took a bath the night after stuffing myself with booze and sandwiches.
  • I people watched all day Saturday and pretty much wondered WTF the whole entire time.
  • I am secretly thinking about acting really sick on Friday, so I don't have to do an event this weekend. But, that will never work...
  • I forgot today was boss's day, so I had to go buy wine at 9am. I am sure these peeps thought I was an that I say: I AM!
  • I bought myself a huge jar of sour pickles at the store yesterday. I ate one today and I got asked twice if I was with baby. What. a. joke.
  • I think I am going to chop my hair. I hate it.
  • I haven't bought new make up in over a year. Disgust.
  • I need new boots, but my calves are too big to fit in any really cute ones.
  • Last, but definitely not least- I BACKED INTO A CAR IN MY WEEK OLD SILVER BEAUTY. I almost puked. 2nd time to do this, but last time it was a pole.
Karma is a you-know-what!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Travel and Nordstrom.

I am getting so excited and am just now beginning to plan out our vacation. I think this year has been so different for us because we have been over-the-top busy with work and events, so I don't have the whole trip planned. Let me just say, that's totally not like me. I started looking at restaurants, bars, golf courses, rental Jeeps, our hotel, pools, beaches and drinks; I am overwhelmed. We are going to Barbados and there are a hellaofalot of choices for everything. We are staying near the Gap, so we are within walking distance to so much. We wake up every day stating- "I cannot wait for vacation." The planning and reservations will commence today.
 I cannot wait to be laying here listening to the waves crash...
 Talking to this gent every single day...
And laying my head here every single night.

So- Nordstrom. Who knew they had a return policy without a maximum amount of days? IE: I bought Chanel sunglasses that I don't really care for over a year ago and they will take them back for an exchange!!! I almost died when I called yesterday. I had heard they have the best return policy and they seriously aren't kidding. I know it's really lame to exchange something after that length of time, but E never has liked the sunglasses and I am beginning to not like the shape of them on my face either. Decisions. Decisions.
Speaking of decisions. The hardest decision I am having to make this week is if I should get a white or black iPhone?
Tough life. For that I should be grateful.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love for weddings.

I absolutely love weddings. I plan destination weddings because it incorporates my two loves: Traveling and weddings. I feel that everyone I know or follow is 1) Getting married. 2) Just got married. or 3) Is pregnant. The latter makes me cringe only because I have two trips ahead of me and the thought of not drinking red wine in NYC or Mojitos in Barbados gives me the creeps. ha. 
I have been married for going on 7 years. Caarraazzyy. I married at a rather young age, but I wouldn't have changed a thing about our wedding. I loved every minute of it and really I didn't plan jack shit because my Mom and the planner did everything. Best. Bride. Ever. I just said, "I want pink and green with touches of ivory." They took it from there. I do love to dream about what other people could do for their very own wedding though.
You could have a flower girl that looks like this. Ha. Look at me and check out that bride's gown. Old School. (Note: I dropped the flowers out of my little basket while they were saying their vows...decided to sit on the bride's dress and pick up the flowers. Classic Dillard move.)
 Look at that UT cake. To die for.
 This is the perfect seaside beach wedding.
 Can you imagine saying your I do's under this canopy of trees? I die.
 This almost looks like my bouquet, but I had a ton more callalillies.
 I love the her hair, hair piece, makeup.
 Love these vintage mismatched chairs.
 I mean. Fabulous
And this is the perfect definition of elegance.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend in Pictures.

We surprised my Dad for his 60th by having a weekend in the most fun-filled city. Obvs, it wasn't a surprise that we were going to show up at some point this weekend, but my older brother came into town for the surprise. Let me just say, it was an absolute blast. A weekend filled with way too much alcohol, ass kicking football games that depressed everyone, great food, bad nights' sleeps and love.
 E- Drunk. J- Sober. Depressed together. The Longhorns got the shit kicked out of them. 
 First shot of the weekend, tequila all the way around. And...a $400 bar tab. Hysterical.
My boys. E (Known as the guy that sweats an absurd amount under his right arm pit), Brother (Known as Osama or people often referred to him as the Zach Brown Band guy) and my Pops.

To say we had a blast is an understatement...Love good family times!

On Sunday, E took the day off. This is the first day he has had off in 7 months. Seriously, 7 months. He said that he wanted to smell baked goods on Sunday, lay on the couch, eat and sleep. Let me just say, I let him do all of the above. He did get up and grill steaks for dinner. I baked peanut butter chocolate bars I found on pinterest and pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Heaven in your arteries. Both were amazing!!! See...

I love to bake!

Monday came way too fast.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Our son.

Marley! I love our pet and am going to show him off to you...
We rescued Marley from a rescue group. I actually saw him and wanted to adopt him at our local animal shelter, but Wee Rescue already put their name on him. 
 He has so much energy.
  Loves his Mom at night and his Dad in the morning.
 Definitely was abused.
 I mean, who wouldn't want him he is adorable!
 I want to get him a friend and name HER Ziggy.
 He has been through a lot and we have definitely plunked out a lot of money, but he is totally worth every penny.
Has perfect teeth and only one eye.

We love our eyed-eye-pirate named after Bob Marley!  

Something new.

I bought something knew which triggered my last post. I am a girl that never gives up that...I really wanted that item to begin with, so I am not going to let it go and I am going to just get it attitude. 

My battery died on my car earlier this week and I had to take it to the dealership on Wednesday morning. While I was waiting for my car, a salesperson came to me and said, "you look so familiar." I quickly remarked with, "No, actually I don't I have never seen or met you in my life and you are just trying to sell me a new car." Blunt, yes; Do I care? No. I got my car and went about my day. BUT, when I got back to my office I thought to myself I am going to check out if I can afford the car that I have been wanting but didn't have patience so I bought something different...I found one in San Antonio for a steal, so I contacted the dealership in Austin and the guy informed me that he would not only match the price, but beat it. Say what? I went Wednesday night- sent E a text message (oops) and told him where I was as he was playing golf and it wasn't a big deal. I test drove the car, loved it, filled out the paperwork, received the offer, negotiated my ass off with the guy, text E again (oops) and asked if he would divorce me, E quickly called back and said, "I don't give a shit what you do." AND, I signed the dotted line and bought myself a 2011 Nissan Murano. I stinkin' love it especially because it's only dollars over what I pay now! (and, E is over my decision, loves me and isn't going to divorce me)
And poor sassy thing got rained on this morning...I am grateful for these dark clouds!

It's 10:27 am in Austin, Texas and OU still sucks...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saying the wrong thing.

I say the wrong thing a lot...I am not sure why I do it, but I have to finally admit that. I say things that come out the wrong way and it's always the wrong time. I blurt things out that I don't even think about and know it's going to hurt my husband. Why, oh why do I do it? I don't like to be wrong. I am always right in my book, so when I am confronted about a decision or questioned I immediately become defensive. I tend to be too independent and not lean on E for guidance. I feel that I need to be independent because who wants to be dependent on someone forever and who wants to have someone else make all the decisions? Not this girl. I need to find balance though. I need to understand that we don't all have picture perfect days and that in a marriage not both parties are going to be happy at the same time as the other. If one has a bad day, is tired, fussy and down right full of an attitude, it's okay. That will pass and the next day is a new day. I tend to be smiley and happy and then when my partner in crime isn't that way I feel that the happiness is sucked out of me, but in reality it's's just that we are in completely different moods. That's totally okay. I know this because I PMS really bad every month and E continues to smile and be happy. I know that there are times when we each will be happy when we hang out with friends, are at work, driving, playing golf, shopping because we have new stuff to talk about and new scenery with friends. Nothing is wrong with bad moods, happy moods, yelling, crying and smiling all at different times. I adore E and he makes me the happiest lady on the block 9 times out of 10. He is my everything and I need to remember that, be grateful for it and learn to shut my mouth because I want to stop staying the wrong things.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Wednesday.

...We know what that means- I have a few things I am loving...

I am loving that we have a fabulous weekend somewhat planned to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday. We have some surprises lined up for the old fart to include: tequila, limes and a Red River Rivalry viewing partay.

I am loving my maxi skirt that is fall-ish I bought at Old Navy for a whoppin' $12.50. I really want the tan one, so I can wear browns and creams. I will definitely be taking this comfy piece to NYC.

I am not liking the iPhone 5 doesn't exist, but loving the fact that I get an iPhone 4s because my current phone doesn't have sound since my wonderful husband dropped it in a mason jar of skinny girl margarita.

I am loving that our lantana around our oak tree is blooming in beautiful yellows, oranges and pinks. This is by far the most drought resistant flowers\bushes. We kept them alive this Summer and I am thankful I get to walk past these every time I leave or come home. 

I am loving that Hey Cupcake! has their pumpkin cupcake out...I will definitely be stopping tomorrow on my way to get the hair did and purchase dozen one cupcake.

Cupcakes, hair appointments, booze and football...good week, folks!