Friday, October 7, 2011

Something new.

I bought something knew which triggered my last post. I am a girl that never gives up that...I really wanted that item to begin with, so I am not going to let it go and I am going to just get it attitude. 

My battery died on my car earlier this week and I had to take it to the dealership on Wednesday morning. While I was waiting for my car, a salesperson came to me and said, "you look so familiar." I quickly remarked with, "No, actually I don't I have never seen or met you in my life and you are just trying to sell me a new car." Blunt, yes; Do I care? No. I got my car and went about my day. BUT, when I got back to my office I thought to myself I am going to check out if I can afford the car that I have been wanting but didn't have patience so I bought something different...I found one in San Antonio for a steal, so I contacted the dealership in Austin and the guy informed me that he would not only match the price, but beat it. Say what? I went Wednesday night- sent E a text message (oops) and told him where I was as he was playing golf and it wasn't a big deal. I test drove the car, loved it, filled out the paperwork, received the offer, negotiated my ass off with the guy, text E again (oops) and asked if he would divorce me, E quickly called back and said, "I don't give a shit what you do." AND, I signed the dotted line and bought myself a 2011 Nissan Murano. I stinkin' love it especially because it's only dollars over what I pay now! (and, E is over my decision, loves me and isn't going to divorce me)
And poor sassy thing got rained on this morning...I am grateful for these dark clouds!

It's 10:27 am in Austin, Texas and OU still sucks...

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LDC said...

i love that you went and got a new car on your own and talked down the price as a woman on your on to a male salesman and extra love that eric is not divorcing you! Congratulations!