Friday, October 7, 2011

Our son.

Marley! I love our pet and am going to show him off to you...
We rescued Marley from a rescue group. I actually saw him and wanted to adopt him at our local animal shelter, but Wee Rescue already put their name on him. 
 He has so much energy.
  Loves his Mom at night and his Dad in the morning.
 Definitely was abused.
 I mean, who wouldn't want him he is adorable!
 I want to get him a friend and name HER Ziggy.
 He has been through a lot and we have definitely plunked out a lot of money, but he is totally worth every penny.
Has perfect teeth and only one eye.

We love our eyed-eye-pirate named after Bob Marley!  


Ashlie said...

He is beautiful!

jessica said...

sweetest little face :)

Amiee said...

I just can't understand how someone could abuse helpless animals :(

It looks like you have given Marley a wonderful home! He looks very happy :)