Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's the middle of the road.

This week is dddrrraaagggiiinnnggg on and I am hopeful I can make it to Friday. Wednesday lovin' at it's finest.
I am loving that tomorrow is the first day of December. AMEN to a vacation, my 30th birthday, Christmas and the end of the year!
I am loving that I have finally figured out how to make my hair look good most days. Scrunch conditioner in it along with mousse and diffuse it. I typically didn't do any of those three things and am elated I asked a home-girl at Ulta what she did to make her hair so pretty!
I am loving that I have a husband that tells me I am beautiful and I that I love myself! I don't want to be like anyone. 
I am loving all my Pinterest finds this week...holy moly I wish I would have never downloaded the Pinterest app on the iPhone. 

Boob scarfs. Can I get an absolute hysterical laugh? 
I think so. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I love carbs. I could eat carbs with every meal. Well, screw that as every meal. I am an addict. Seriously. I try to stick to a lower* carb diet during the week and focus on healthy foods and exercise. This week- I would like to say it's really tough. I didn't eat that much for Thanksgiving, but all I can think about are things like pretzels, cupcakes, fettuccine Alfredo, pizza and Mexican food. And- ranch...don't even get me started about the addiction to ranch. Maybe I am PMS-ing? I will go with that answer. I am dying to make these as in I might stop by the local Walmart tonight and pick up everything I need to throw these together. Call me a pig or just fat girl. Either will work.

Heaven in a ball I tell ya.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh, the Holidays!

I would be lying if I said the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas isn't my most favorite time of the year! I am pretty sure I have said it about a hundred times, but alas it literally is my most favorite and it's hard for me to be in a bad mood the next month. 
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of food, booze and laughter! I am so very grateful that my family and my in-laws get along so well that we don't have to split Thanksgiving holiday. We are able to share the day as one big family and that's a blessing. My mom did much of the cooking and I did all the cleaning. It was awful and took forever, but I was done by the time the A&M vs Texas game started at 7. Can I get a Hook 'Em? Texas out-coached and beat A&M! The tradition ends this year and it's a very sad thing, but there isn't anything that makes me happier than to have won the last rivalry game. 
On Friday, E and I laid on the couch all day and watched football. I didn't get out of my pj's. It was fantastic! There was no way I was going to tempt going shopping.
Saturday at least I went to the gym and got dressed! We headed to Garden Ridge to pick our ornament for 2011 and then bought our tree. E demanded we take the Jeep that um doesn't have a top on it. It was quite comical and I am pretty sure the guy at Home Depot got a good laugh at us! Meet the Griswald's.
Sunday was a day of Holiday Cheer! We decorated the interior and exterior of the house as well as the tree. I am totally in the Holiday Spirit although I completely forgot to buy Egg Nog last night, fail.

Marley must have been playing when we left to get the tree because we came home to Santa toppled over and the fish was under him along with the singing pig. Too funny!
She's a beauty! (Skinny and tall...exactly how I wish to be, ha.)

2 weeks till Barbados...I. Die.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NYC Recap.

My mom and I had the best trip to the Big Apple. We ate, drank and shopped way too much. We went sight-seeing, walked a long ways, laughed, chatted, people watched, drank Starbucks, rode in taxis and saw a couple of shows. It was such a memorable trip I will remember the rest of my life.
(Picture over load)
 Radio City Music Hall- Beautifully decorated!
 Spagetti and Meatballs at Carmine's. The best meal of the whole trip!
 View of the city from Battery Park. Spectacular weather!
 Hey there lil fellow. 
 My favorite pic of the Statue.
 NYC from Statue of Liberty Island.
 The building in the center is the new World Trade Center. 
 Original baskets brought from immigrants to Ellis Island. 
Original bench the immigrants sat and waited on for their number to be called. Unreal.
 People actually buy these hats...hideous. And no, we didn't purchase this. Just laughed.
Occupy Wall Street movement. This guy was scary looking.
 It wouldn't be a successful trip without cannolis. I die. 
 I would shop here everyday.
McSorley's. The oldest Irish Pub in NYC. You ask for a light ale and they give you two beers. Fantastic!
 9\11 Memorial. My Dad's good friend transported these trees. Serene, for sure.
 The 1 acre pools at the Memorial.
 NYP and my Mom. Presh.
 OMG. Lombardi's pizza =  Heaven.
 Fashion in NYC. Don't think my Mom didn't buy those mink boot covers! ha.
Brunch at the Plaza.
 Inside Macy's. Believe that we shopped our hearts out.
 The Macy's window. I will have to upload the video. These Christmas windows were absolutely fabulous!
 Tiffany's window. Pictures definitely don't do it justice.
My mom and I. 

This trip was an absolute dream come true!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday. My Friday.

It's Wednesday and my Friday! I am ecstatic and am beginning to get the travel bug (IE: major anxiety) but it's all worth it and will be a blast. 

I am loving my sweet parents. They give and give without ever questioning. They give to their children, their home, their friends and their church. I am telling you there aren't many people that I have met that have a loyal and giving heart like them.

I am loving that I leave for NYC with my MBFF tomorrow and will be scurrying in the cold, beautiful big apple for a few days. 
(Can I tell you how badly I want my hair to be this long again? And, I die over that red.)

I am loving that as much as I am going to miss E and Marley they get the whole house to themselves. I won't be there nagging for a few days, they get to eat whatever they want, don't have to make the bed...they are definitely getting a mini-vacation too.

I am loving that K and B find out the gender of their baby tonight. We are all celebrating together and I am dying over here to know right now.

I am loving that I finally received my white iPhone4s today. I have literally been patiently waiting for a long while. I cannot wait to play with Siri in NYC.

I am loving life right now and am loving how blessed I feel for what I have been given this year.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30th birthday trip #1.

I have been on cruise control the past few days. I feel that I have gobs of things to do in the next month, but have no drive to get it all done. Last week was a crazy week at work, this weekend I just wanted to relax and the end of year is upon us. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's are right around the corner and I haven't done anything for any holiday. I am going to NYC this weekend and then vacation in a couple of weeks, so I am not really sure when I am going to get my Christmas shopping done or when we are going to buy a tree and when the hell am I going to decorate the tree? Did I mention that I am going to NYC on Thursday? My parents gifted me a trip to NYC with my mom for my 30th birthday. I am elated, excited, overwhelmed and anxious all at the same time. 
Some things I am taking with me on my trip:
Target Ona flats in black. I have been wearing these everyday in hopes of them being comfy.
Sweater ponchos\dresses
Pink and black scarves
To keep my ears warm

Of course I will have the necessities like leggings, jeans, wool coat and gloves. I really despise flying. I really hate flying with E but I might cry flying without him. I might have to take an anti-anxiety drug before take-off.
We have a laundry list of places to visit and I might not be able to keep up with my mom even if she is thirty years older than me, but I cannot think of a better way to start the holiday season than a trip to the Big Apple!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What a week?

I am very thankful to be employed, love my job most days and mostly adore my boss BUT this week has put my blood pressure levels through the roof. We have had over 100 people at our office for a conference and I was in charge of pretty much all of it. I hit my 40 hours as of Wednesday. I had stood on my feet all hours of daylight since Monday. E had to take my boots off for me on Tuesday because my feet hurt so bad. Yesterday, I could have cried when I got home because I had to cook dinner. This morning I thought for sure it would be a great morning and an afternoon off, but someone here is about as dumb as a brick wall and cannot get things right, so it was a bad morning and arguing why I am right (always). Anyhow, I am off tomorrow and have so much to do this weekend like clean our house, lame.

What about Penn State? I am a Joe Paterno fan...I love the guy and on my life bucket list was seeing a white out game at Penn State with Joe Pa on the sidelines and I am sad I will not be able to do that. I am not going to go into my beliefs or what I feel PSU should have done, but I will say I am sad his legacy will end on this note because a disgusting human had an obsession with young boys. End.

Some words of wisdom to get me through this week: