Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Wednesday!

It's Wednesday...hump day...middle of the sleep away from a whole four days off of work. Excited!

I am loving that we will have visitors for a night tomorrow and will be watching the two munchkins all weekend. This young lady and her brother.

I am loving that I will be able to get up on Saturday and watch College Gameday! Can I get an Amen?

I am loving that we will get free dinner tomorrow night. Ha. I am such a lush.

I am loving that I have huge curls in my hair today...some days with curly hair are just turable, BUT not today. The power of cheap mousse.

I am loving that in a near week I will be able to spill the beans about one of my BFFs.

I am loving tomorrow is my Friday, HALLELUJAH!

Knock this Out.

I am just going to knock out the 10 days of me because well...I have other stuff to talk about, but don't want to be a failure and not finish my original idea.
7 Wants:
A vacation
A pay raise
Rita's to be beyond successful
For one of my BFFs to have a healthy, happy pregnancy
Another puppy dog
Cooler temperatures
6 Places:
My home
My parents home
St. Croix
Sorrento, Italy
Turks and Caicos
New York City
5 Foods:
Sunday sauce
Pesto with angel hair pasta
Pearl Street Nachos
Matt's El Rancho
Mom's carbornara
4 Books:
Into Thin Air- Jon Krakauer
Under the Banner of Heaven- Jon Krakauer
Shopaholic Series- Sophie Kinsella
Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert
3 films: I don't really do movies, so I am going to put a mix-match.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
House Hunters
Golden Girls
2 Songs:
"At Last"
1: Me

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Austin is a very weird city, but I love every bit of this place. Under the Congress Street bridge lives over 2million bats! Yea, 2million. In order to celebrate our smelly-nasty beloved bats, every year a BatFest is put on with food, crafts and live music (Austin is the "Live Music Capital of the World"). We were selected to be vendors this year which was really exciting, but let me just was a miserable weekend. Here's a short version:
  • Friday night we had an event at St Edwards University until about 10pm.
  • Alarm clock dinged at 630am on Saturday.
  • We opened the store, went to the grocery store, sweat like pigs and lastly got the trailer ready.
  • We got to the Congress bridge at 10am, unloaded and unloaded and did I mention unloaded all the shit that you have to have to sling ice.
  • It was 112 degrees outside.
  • The concrete was hotter than hell at 160 degrees. We were standing on said concrete.
  • We served so much ice we ran out...TWICE.
  • I had to use a dolly and carry 5 ices that weigh as much as a sumo-wrestler all the way down the bridge because you cannot drive on the bridge. Do you recall it being 112 degrees outside? H-E-L-L.
  • We left at 950pm to be at a Bar mitzvah. Let me just say I wish I had this 13 years old family. They easily spent $20K on this shin-dig...full up with a dance team to get all the hellions dancing.
  • We went back to Batfest at 1100...listened to Bob Schneider.
  • Served ice to Bob's band.
  • Closed down the cart and E pulled away with the trailer at 145am. I got home at 205am.
Are you jealous? You should be as I spent 18 hours in H-E-L-L. 

Our cart with the Austin sky line in the background. At least we had a great view!
Steph serving customers- She is the BEST employee! I do have to say she has the BEST bosses as we let her drink brew-ha-has during the day. Winning.

The original Bat-Mobile from the Batman TV series. Legit.

The beautiful flowers E surprised me with last night to say Thank You and remind me he thinks I am beautiful! (Aren't my flower arranging skills awful amazing? Don't judge.)
Even though we visited hell all day, it was totally worth it. E and I high-fived each other because we made it work; we were successful and we are a great team! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

8 fears.


1. That it's never-ever-never-ever-ever going to rain in Texas. This weekend was beyond miserable and I will blog about that shiz tomorrow...let me just say- 112 outside and no rain in months is causing our grass to turn to dust. Crushing.

2. Losing E. I would really miss those blue eyes.

3. Losing my job. I work in the defense industry and we all know when a Democrat is in office Military spending is first to be cut. Rita's will be my back-up, but it's nice to have a steady income and insurance.

4. Our house going up in flames and Marley inside. I know that's an awful thought, but sometimes it crosses my brain especially with this heat.

 5. UT having a losing season. It will be bad for my marriage. Just sayin'...5-7 isn't going to cut it. 

6. That my teeth are moving and I will need braces. My teeth are pretty much my favorite part of me. I spent a long, long time with braces, head-gear and retainers. The thought of having to go through that hell again nauseates me.

7. Flying. I love traveling, but flying (Really only the take off and landing) freaks me out. I clutch E's hand every.single.time.

8. Snakes. Duh.


Monday again. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Club.

Let's be honest: Book Clubs are totally an excuse to drink wine.
I was the host of this month's book club and we drank WAY TOO much wine last night. The clock turned midnight and none of us even realized it except E who was trying to run off to dream land in our bedroom, ha. That's what he gets for being home during book club. I guess that's my fault because I am pretty sure he believed it was "book" club not "wine" club. 

We read Flat Out Love by Jessica Park. It was a great read! You aren't able to buy the book in stores because it's a published by order book. I don't know if I would recommend buying it off Amazon because it's expensive, but if you have a  Kindle or a Nook--Read it. It's a cute romance\mystery book that throws new age technology into it. Our whole group loved it!

Needless to say, 7 bottles of wine between 5 gals means I am glad there is a month till the next book club get together. I am off to chug a gallon of water...maybe a beer would be better? Hair of the dog...right?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Have you seen this?

This is a picture of Hawkeye, a lab, whose owner was part of Navy Seal 6 and killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. He didn't leave his side. I. cannot. stop. crying.

And to think, I complain. Shame.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

9 loves.

1. E

2. The beach
3. Wine
4. Mexican food
5. Rita's

6. Reading
7. Cooking and baking
8. My curly ringlets
9. Chicken tenders

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Confessions.

To follow along and because I am brain dead...
 1. I am totally jealous of people that work from home or don't have to work at all because their spouse or significant other makes enough money to support them.
2. I am a salt-FREAK. I add salt to everything...even Chinese food. Yack. I know it's bad, but I literally am addicted.
3. I cannot watch movies at night. I fall straight to sleep.
4. I bite my fingernails when I am angry or aggravated.
5. I will wear Maxi dresses or long skirts everyday, so I don't have to shave. I HATE shaving.
6. I am a bank account addict. I check it a thousand times a day even though I know nothing is going through. I think I have a fear that my bank information is going to be stolen and the account drained of funds. Who knows?
7. I have a 'stache. I hate it and it's something I am so self-conscious about, but that's why they invented waxing, right?
8. I have gotten a Brazilian wax and will never, ever, ever, ever do it again. 
9. I have really teeny-tiny toe nails. Seriously, like baby toe nails and along with that small feet. I swear with my height I should wear a size 9. Alas, I will just have baby feet.
10.  I hate shorts. I don't like my legs therefore refuse to wear shorts. 

And because I think it's hilarious...I confess to wearing white socks to my knees and shorts to my boobs in 8th grade.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Happenins'.

I really don't like Mondays. Do you feel me? It's like the worst day of the week, but at least we had a really relaxing weekend. We haven't had a relaxing weekend in um...I cannot tell you how long.

Friday night we went to celebrate a dear friend's 26th Birthday. My-oh-my is she a young buck! ZTejas is such a fabulous restaurant especially because they have Skinny Margaritas on the menu. Delish! We ended the dinner with a red velvet Hey Cupcake! Cupcake. If you ever visit Austin, you have to go to the Hey Cupcake! trailer on South Congress. My husband went to high school with the kid that started this place and in the end really started the cupcake craze.

Saturday we slept in and then had a short little was such an easy-peasy set up, so I didn't mind that two hours of my day were spent slingin' ice. We went home...I read...E slept...I slept...E hit golf balls in our bedroom. Saturday night we ate at Pappsito's. Delish! We are Mexican food freaks...I am pretty sure we could eat it everyday. I would love to, but I would be larger than a barn I am just as large as a small house.

Sunday was a half day for E and chore day for me. I don't mind that at all because I was inside and not in the blazing heat. Late afternoon we went to lounge by the pool and it was scorching and there was some guy talking about his coyote list of chicks he wanted to "bang." Yea, real WINNER there. E wanted to make dinner, so he made homemade pasta, meatballs and Sunday sauce. FABULOUS. I sat on the couch drank water from my mason jar, drank wine and read "Flat Out Love," which is a great book!

Meet Frankie. We don't own him, but he is a stray that lives on our street. He is really pretty, but can be a total turd. We give him water though, so hopefully I don't come home one day to him deceased on my door step.

It's now Monday and I wore my pretty nude wedges to make me happy! 
 (Totally ignore that my second toe is longer than my big toe. Jank)

Happy Monday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap.

That's a common word in my vocab these days. 

I have half days on Fridays at my Corporate gig which I absolutely love, BTW, but when you own a business it's near impossible to have these half-days. :) 
Friday was an uber-dramatic day at the office with a bunch of ridiculous drama, but I managed to get out around Noon. I headed to Rita's to make ice for the next few hours. Amongst making ice, we had to go pick our spot for the Austin Ice Cream Festival. Picked our spot and went back and forth from the store, Home Depot and our spot about a gazillion times. It was so hot, y'all. Like so hot we were soaking wet...not in water, but sweat. SICK. 
We managed to get everything set up and ready to go on Friday. Met one of my besties for a couple of cocktails and din-din. Needless to say, we knew Saturday was going to be a long day, so we opted to head home for some rest. 

Saturday was oh so much fun! Alarm clock went off at 6:30am...that shouldn't be legal. We had until 9am to be completely set up and ready for the festival...we were set up at 10. Ha. Typical Jensen-thang. By the time we were set up we were so hot and could have cried. I didn't think people would show up at 10 to get ice cream...I mean, isn't that early to give a child sweet treats? Obvs, not in Austin because the festival was booming by 10:30. There were thousands of people...when I say thousands...that's not an understatement. Did I mention it was hot? We haven't had rain in Austin in about 100 years, so it was dusty. Kids were screaming everywhere. I was chasing around dog owners forcing them to give their animals water because um it was 107 and there aren't paramedics for Dogs, hello! We had a constant line from 10am-7pm. There wasn't a five minutes of down time. We ran out of ice mid way through and that is a big no-no, but we fixed it and had the flavors in the dip box within thirty minutes. It was hot...did I mention that? We served over 3000 people! Insane. It was a lot of fun, trying at times and excellent practice for our next festival...BAT FEST. Yea, Austin is weird, but that's why we love it!

All I wanted to do on Sunday was sit and rest. That didn't was typical chore day and it's hard to sit and rest when E had to go to work which makes me feel bad. I did my chores, cooked dinner and was bathed and eating ice cream on the couch by 9pm.

Today is Monday and I would much rather be sitting on a beach or by a pool with Sangria!

(E just called and said he got a catering event...serving a shit ton of University of Texas Sorority girls...he didn't ask for my help...I wonder why, lol)

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday!

Linking up over yonder...

I'm loving the dinner casserole I made last night- Dorito Chicken. I made it low fat by using 2% cheese, Low-fat Sour Cream and Healthy Request Cream of Chicken soup. It was to die for good!
I'm loving that one of my sweet friends is a hair dresser...I have had gray hair since I was in 8th grade...lame. I have to get it colored almost every three weeks as four weeks is pushing it. She slaps on the color and I wash it out at home. Perfection.
I'm loving that Rita's was chosen to be a vendor at the Austin Ice Cream Festival. We have worked so hard to make this damn business a success and getting our foot into a festival is huge. What isn't huge is that I will be sweating my bootay off in 100+ degree temperatures on Saturday ALL DAY. But alas, this damn business must be a success.

I'm loving that sweet guy behind the cart!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

THE University of Texas.

Linking up to "Show us your team" because I am so stinkin' eager for football season to start!

I went to smaller university in the great state of Texas, BUT I married a die hard Longhorn. The marriage means I am now a die-hard-for-life Longhorn. (And, let's be honest...I have always been a UT fan as my Dad lives and breathes burnt orange.)

Anyhoo, I am dying for football season to start because there aren't exciting sports to watch right now. It means the weather will begin to feel cooler. We will have people at our house, we will go to other people's houses. Consumption of mass amounts of alcoholic beverages will occur every Saturday. Hangovers will then ensue on Sundays. We will scream TEXAS FIGHT at the top of our lungs. We will wear our lucky UT shirts every Saturday. We will high five with strangers. We will talk mess with our friends that went to other schools. Last, but definitely not least...We hope for a better season than 5-7. Hook 'Em Horns!!!!!!!!!

 Typical Saturday or um...National Championship game!
 Even Ice Guy likes to enjoy the views of Texas' Memorial Stadium
 THE most beautiful ranch animal...A TEXAS LONGHORN!
 Hook 'Em

 We even dress sweet Lucy in a UT cheerleading outfit.
We are TEXAS!
The most adorable-handsome-best friendish- blue eyed boy on the planet!

What's your favorite team?

Monday, August 8, 2011

5 year thinking.

With so much time on my hands...ha, yea right. I have been thinking about the things I want to do in the next 5 years. I would do a bucket list for the rest of my life, but unfort I would be here for years as that list is far too long.Without further ado, in random order:
1. Take a Mom and daughter trip. 
2. Visit NYC during the Holidays. I am a December bebe and I absolutely love Christmas time. I want to visit the windows of Macy's and Saks. Buy gobs of fun things. Dress up with scarves and boots. 
3. Visit Fenway Park. Wrigley Field. & Yankees Stadium.
4. Attend an NCAA Football National Championship game.
5. Quit my job.
6. Have zero debt. To include a house.
7. Perfect baking cupcakes.
8. Buy a puppy and have it crate trained.
9.  Perfect my photography skills. Or um, pick up the camera again.
10. Be able to play and finish a round of golf with E.
11.  Be a better judge of character.
12. Go to Italy with my boo.
13.  Take a mini-trip once a month to different cities in Texas.
14. Go on the cruise that E and I met on 10 years ago.
15. Volunteer one weekend out of the month. I know, that sounds easy-peazy, but being a business owner and full time corporate employee it's hard.
16. Visit Napa Valley and get buzzed off good wine the whole time we are there. (this probably won't happen as E has no interest in visiting CA...perhaps, my bestie would join me.)
17. Cage dive with sharks. No-I am not saying this just because it's Shark Week. :)
18. Learn how to drive a standard. Ha. At 29 I still don't know how and E's Jeep is standard...he probably doesn't teach me on purpose.
19. Buy an old bungalow and redo it OR
20. *Sell everything. Buy a Catamaran and sail the Caribbean for a couple of years* 

I see a trend in this to make this happen?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The mode I am in at this time.

Insanely crazy.
That's my mode. Seriously, E and I both feel like we are drowning inch by inch (by damn Body Pump instructor says this and it drives me crazy, but alas that's the true feeling right now).
Rita's is becoming super duper busy and if you remember this post you will know E does this business on his own. Insane. He hasn't had a day off in about umpteen days. :( Anyhooters, I took off my job for a couple of days to help him with an event in Temple. Picture this:
-A nasty ass truck that doesn't belong to us carrying a huge trailer up North I-35 at about 55 mph. Shoot me now.
-An hour and half long drive hungry and hot up N-I35.
-Once upon arrival, we were notified--"You will be right here." Wait, WTH, there is no A\C. 
-Oh, remember...we are serving ice to over 900 people in a manufacturing plant.
-Oh, yea. It's only 110 degrees outside too, so the only place of freedom from heat is in the freezer that is holding 18 ices.
-Sweat dripping down every crevice of our body. Serving ice to people that are really nice, but can barely read, so the menu sign doesn't really work. Oh and they can barely talk English...we would like to call their language-Jibberish. Oh and don't look at their mouths to read lips because you might want to throw up because their teeth are black. But, they are really nice people.
Do you have a perfect picture? Yea, well we did this for two days. It was exhausting and we were down each others throats by the time we waltzed into our house...
WHERE THERE WAS DOG SHIT EVERYWHERE. Yea, our Marley-man must not have taken the egg I gave him the night before very well has he had major infant-syndrome-blowouts in our hallway and office. Sick.
I am back to work today and am really ready to leave to pamper myself or something. Just better than working, right?! 
We have a low key weekend planned with a birthday celebration in the middle. Every weekend in August is booked with events and we have one event during the week every week in August. It's a time I am trying to be thankful for, but damn I am going crazy! Here's to sipping sangria somewhere...