Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A lot has been going on in these neck of the woods. We went to Houston this past weekend for the Cook off. E has never been, so of course it was fun for him to see all the action and people. He kept saying...white trash with a lot of money (LOL). We had an absolute blast! On our way back to Austin on Saturday, we came across the Bastrop Forest Fire. It was huge! The Forest Services and Sherriff's department had 71 closed down. Luckily, E has an iPhone, so we were able to locate ourselves on google and then go from there. We took a long back road that ran parallel to the fire. It was quite sad knowing people were losing their homes, animals, and life belongings. We finally crossed all the fire paths and made it home! Sunday was a day of rest before our crazy work week started.
I have been researching places for our vacation for about 3 months! I am sooo tired of looking at Trip Advisor, Orbitz, and every other travel website. We decided on Mexico last week because we received a great deal and the golf is fabulous. I booked the hotel portion of the trip last week. My mom sent me a quick email stating she didn't feel comfy with us traveling to Mexico because of all the crime. I blew her off (and I shouldn't since Moms know best) until Sunday...We watched 60 minutes and there were Mexico residents stating they wouldn't visit their own country. Taxis aren't even safe anymore. Cancun had 3 shootings last week. AND, Mexico is now known as the Kidnapping Capital of the World. Um, hi, I did some more research yesterday and soon decided to cancel our trip. E and I didn't want to be worried about our safety the whole time we were on vacation. It worked out perfectly because I really wasn't STOKED about Mexico. I love exotic far away lands in the Caribbean!!! I then went to plan #2 and booked our trip. We are going to Punta Cana for a LONG vacation!!! We are so excited and blessed to be able to have such a magical vacation ahead of us.