Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Can you believe 2010 is almost gone? Done. Kaputs. Outta here. Yea, I cannot either. 2011 begins on Saturday and I couldn't be more elated.
Last year E and I spent NYE together with a nice dinner and too many martinis. This year most of our friends and us don't have the energy or the money to go crazy. spend. lots. of. money. at. overcrowded. bars. so about 10 of us are going to a nice dinner and then head to a sweet friend's house to have cocktails.
Short recap of 2010:
Jan-E quit his stable home building career.
Feb-Valentine's. Marley's first pancreatitis sickness.
March-K's annual birthday crawfish boil. March madness. Began dreaming of a vacation. Rita's construction began.
April-Our FIVE year wedding anniversary! Nuff said.
May-My office construction began. Stress was elevated.
June-Rita's opened.
July-I began working 60 hour weeks facilitating a huge construction project. Surprised my mom for her birthday.
August-My Pops had hip replacement surgery. He walked the next day.
September-E's birthday. Marley lost his first eye.
October-Moved into my office's new building. Gave up the Facility role. Was in awe of my accomplishments in 2010.
November-Went on vacation to St Kitts. Had both families at our house for Thanksgiving. Decorated. Began remodeling our kitchen.
December-Hosted an Ornament exchange. Realized our Texas Longhorns weren't going to a bowl game. Put down Travertine floors in our kitchen. Spent a wonderful Christmas with both families.
You are going to be an awesome year, I can feel it!

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