Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 2: Black Friday Shopping Tips and Tricks

This one is a tad difficult for me because as a child and an adult we didn't do much shopping on Black Friday. My mom and I typically did our manic-crazy-i-want-everything shopping the day after Christmas. However, this year my parents wanted to buy us something for our house for Christmas, so we did shopping on Black Friday. The feeling this year was a tad bit depressing because you could see how the recession truly has effected the lives and pocket books of Americans. We went to quite a few stores and they seemed pretty empty. I was a tad bummed that we weren't out the door by 8am, but this year it didn't seem to matter. I guess my tip and trick would be to save and spend! Hit the stores early because most stores did have larger discounts earlier in the day. I love to shop, but will save my energy for the "Dillard" tradition of shopping the day after Christmas.

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