Monday, December 20, 2010

Hectic Holidays.

I have said over and over how much I love the Holidays, but this Holiday Season has been very hectic and a tad bit frustrating!
I am going to vent a bit:
It started with Thanksgiving. We were going to have it at the in-laws, but that fell through because they had just moved into their new home and we didn't want to put that pressure on them. We decided to have it at our house. This is great and all, but our house doesn't fit 8 people and 3 dogs very well. I love our house, but it's not huge by any means, so organizing and planning for such events is a must. Thanksgiving turned out wonderful, but as stated above it was a quite a bit of work. It was hectic.
E and I used to have people over to our house all the time, but for some reason (probably because I am scared our carpet will get ruined, ha...hate carpet) we stopped. This year I wanted to have a small Christmas party at the house. We sent invites. Bought a lot of alcohol. Bought a lot of food. Cleaned. Prepped. Cleaned. Prepped. Yelled at each other. Cleaned. It was a blast! We had all of our dear friends sign our concrete floors. Drank a lot. Ate a bit. Exchanged ornaments. Said Merry Christmas. Said Good-Bye. Joyful times. But, it was hectic.
We have been in our home for a tad over 4 years. We did a ton of work to the house. Upgraded a lot of the house, but didn't have the money to do everything we wanted in those four years. We are blessed and have been given the opportunity to re-do our kitchen. Let me just say. I. will. never. ever. ever. never. ever re-do a part of my home while living in it. Especially when there is only one of them. There is only one kitchen in the house. It's not like a bathroom where you can shut the door until it's done and use the master. Our fridge has been posted up in our living room for um 2 weeks. Our bar armoire is in the living room posted up as well. It's been odd. We got our Travertine floors installed and we went to seal them last night when we noticed three of the tiles are cracked. seriously. cracked. E put in the five inch base, but it took a lot longer than we thought because of the specific and special cuts. I love the floors, I love my limestone bar tops, I love my five inch base, but goodness gracious I am ready for this to be done. To think, it's not even close makes me nauseated. It's been hectic.
Our precious pup, Marley, lost his right eye about three months ago due to a lenses issue. We were treating the left eye with meds and hoping we wouldn't have to deal with a lenses issue in that eye. Last Thursday, E woke up and noticed Marley was acting very odd. Long story short...I had to take Marley into the vet (who was off that day) and we made the decision to remove the lenses in hope to save the vision. He had emergency surgery at 9am ON MY STINKIN' BIRTHDAY. He is recovering, however, we are not 100% that we have saved the vision. Seriously. Could this happen at a worse time? The house is in shambles, poor dog cannot see, had to spend a ton of money and I have only bought 2 Christmas gifts. Seriously, it's been hectic.
Yea, as stated: I HAVE ONLY BOUGHT 2 CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! Our lives have been so hectic and stressful...emotionally I have had it with 2010. I am ready to relax and celebrate CHRISTmas with our loved ones...good-bye hectic life.

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Kristin said...

Awww that does sound HECTIC!! I hope your dog is doing OK and that you ended up having a wonderful Christmas!! Here's to a great 2011!!! =)