Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 4: Tips and Tricks for a Budget Friendly Holiday Season

I am good, but not great at budget friendly holidays because I typically wait until the last minute, however, I have become a huge fan of coupons. I have a Droid X phone, so I downloaded the coupon app. I check it periodically to see what new coupons are out there. There are ALWAYS coupons that I can use for various stores. With the app, you checkout and show the cashier the coupon...they ring up the coupon code...the discount appears. It's marvelous! I will be using my Old Navy and Academy coupons this Holiday Season. Also, I have begun giving my email address to stores I frequent often. I never did this before, but started and am so glad I did because you really do get GREAT deals. I get a weekly NY&CO coupon, Old Navy coupons, Groupon, LiveSocial, etc. You get the drift! With the internet becoming the #1 scene for coupons, it's totally worth two minutes to give your email or download an app.
As for decorations for the holiday season, I read an article about using fruit, Oak tree branches, leaves, pinecones, rosemary and thyme for holiday decorations. What a cheap, fabulous way to decorate! I really would like to string cranberries and put them on our Christmas tree...we'll see.

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Kristin said...

Once you're a mom the trick is to have your kids lists and then each day Toys R Us sends out a "deal of the day" email and if it's something on their list I go get it on that sale day...I'm not kidding you I have saved about $300 this year buying for my kids/nieces/nephews!! AWESOME!! =)