Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Come and Gone.

O.m.g. I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone and New Year's is only a few days away. The past month has been so hectic (as written in a previous post), so I didn't get to finish my last days of Christmas. I will wrap it up:
Here is our living room. I don't have pictures of our dining room, but it's gorgi-porgi. My mom decorated it and I love it!
Note to self: Our dog is perfect. :)
We will be taking down our Christmas stuff on Saturday, New Year's Day whilst watching football and drinking festies. It's always sad and makes me a little dreary when everything goes away because the house looks so empty. I am not a cluttered person, so cleanliness and non-clutter will make me happy.
The last post was to be what Oprah favorites would I want for Christmas. Well, I have no clue what was on her list this year, but I did receive a ToyWatch a couple of years ago and that was a favorite of hers at the that time.
The Days of Christmas are done. Sad. Tear. Moving on.
We had a splendid Christmas this year! For some reason, it wasn't as stressful. My in-laws moved back to Austin, so we didn't have to travel far for Christmas Eve. We went to their house, drank, ate and were Merry! Christmas morning we woke to coffee, salmon and lochs, opened presents, chatted and were sent off by Noon. We drove to F-town to my parents house where my brother and parents were awaiting us. We had a second Christmas, ate, drank, opened gobs of presents and were Merry! We are so very blessed to have families that love, adore and share joy with us each and every day!

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