Thursday, January 6, 2011

This & That.

It's 2011 and um, I don't feel like being at work. It's so hard to get into the routine of waking up with an alarm clock, fixing breakfast before the sun comes up and fixing lunches as well, showering, getting dressed and make-up'd, the list goes on and on. I digress.
NYE went out with a BANG! Dinner was super fabulous and the cocktail gathering was even more fun. I had one too many cocktails, ha, of course...that's nothing new in my book. My poor, E, was a trooper. I got into a fierce argument with our cab driver, whom wanted to throw us out of the cab, but E made the situation better (Or, so I was told the next morning). See, I said the cocktail gathering was even more fun.
I spent Saturday laying around and watching football. It was super relaxing and I loved every minute of it!
Sunday we took all the Christmas decorations down to include the outdoor lights. I couldn't believe E took those down as he typically is the slacker when it comes to taking things down. Everything is in the attic and hidden away until next year, tear.
I was fortunate to have off on Monday, so it was a day of getting "prepared" for the dreaded short work week. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I just don't like going back after time off.
Here we are now, It's Thursday and I am dying for the weekend and a cocktail. E's best friend is in town from Tulsa and of course, anytime someone visits home they always want Mexican food. We will be going to dindin with T to drink ritas and eat lots of chips and salsa, yumo.
We have many things to get done at the house this weekend! I want our kitchen remodel to be complete like tomorrow, but that is wishful thinking. We are waiting on our granite countertops, faucet and backsplash. After that, we should be complete. Ah, I will rejoice and cook a lot!
I planned my first destination wedding for these two lovies:
I love this couple so stinkin' much. They are getting married in the Dominican Republic in April. We will share the same wedding fun! It's been fun contacting another country and setting up something that will forever be remembered by not only them, but their family and friends.
I hope to be able to begin doing this for more people. I love to travel and give my opinion, so it's the perfect little hobby for me!
Happy Thursday, y'all!

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