Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This, That and the Other Thing.

We had a fabulous weekend celebrating a 30th birthday! 
We drank a lot, played flip cup and beer pong, ate Red Velvet cupcakes, ate too many crawfish with taters, mushrooms and corn...the list goes on. Am I ever going to grow up? I think not. 
K turned 30 and she is preggers, so we wanted to make sure she had a fabulous birthday! E and I gifted her this fabulous Kendra Scott Dani ring:
I made her red velvet cupcakes that were to die for good. You know I love cupcakes, so I jumped on the wagon when I asked to make dessert. I found the recipe on my All-Recipes App on the iPhone. It didn't disappoint and the best thing...it had a cream cheese icing recipe to go with them. I wish I took a picture, but I wasn't in the picture taking mood. 
All in all it was a fun-filled weekend with dear friends. 

 The start of our beer pile. It was filled with over 70 beer cans\bottles by night's end. 
 I cannot wait to have my beer pong partner back. (I had to drink all the beer since she is preggers, but I forced her to play with me so I would win, terrible.)
 This beer is sooo good! I am not sure if you can find it outside of Austin, but if you see it Buy.It.
How great is this? My girlfriends use gloves to eat crawfish...I mean, who wants to mess up their manicured nails? Obvs not these girls.

I love making memories.

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Shayna said...

I love that ring! & don't ever grow up, it's no fun! Gloves for eating the Crawfish is GENIUS! I'll have to remember that!