Monday, March 19, 2012


Living in Austin is down right fun, but it can be down right tiring too. We have two huge, music\film festivals every year. ACL and SouthXSouthWest. Well, SXSW was the past two weeks and to say there were hundreds of thousands of people invading our city would be an understatement. There were sooo many people, sooo much booze, sooo much music and sooo much fun!
Friday started with burgers, beer and basketball at a local pub! 
Then we went to listen to live music

I look like I am about to spew everywhere. :)
Saturday- We decided we were going to celebrate St Paddy's day with a BANG! We got dressed in green and headed to the bus stop that takes us right downtown and is within walking distance from our house. 
And- it all began. Everyone in green, everyone drinking drinks, fun all the way around. Doesn't get much better...I must say.
His wifey is preggers and is one of my BFFs so we sent her this picture to let her know We love her!
I look so sober.
Um ladies, he is single. Is a pilot. Is one of my hubby's best friends. Any takers?
Love this girl. Missing our partner in crime.
I think this was the $100 dollar we spent. ha.
Everyone takes elevator pictures.
Ladies man. 
My husband has the nicest legs. Hands down.
Jared wants YOU as president.

Marley was depressed he didn't get to dye his hair green and come celebrate the Lucky Irish with all of us.
I need water.

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