Monday, March 5, 2012

Kite Festival.

I love our city, Austin. It's by far the best city in Texas because there is constantly something going on that will involve fun times, outside and a lot of people. 
This weekend happened to be home to Kite Festival 2012. It was on Sunday and let me say- we had no idea how crowded this event was going to be this year. We woke at 6am, set out of the house at 630 to pick up the trailer and all the ice, to be set up no later than 9am. When we arrived at Zilker, we were able to pick out a killer spot that would enable us to sell the shizz out of our product. We had an ice cream place and a smoothie place on the other side and we killed them until we ran out of product then the ice cream place had a lengthy line. It was a great event and yes- Austin is weird and yes- we have festivals for things like Kites, Reggae music and let's not forget Eyore's birthday. Duh. 
There were probably 30K people there...all flying kites. Incredible. 

 Our employee trying to fly her pirate ship, hysterical.
 The beginning.
Mid afternoon. Tons and Tons of people. Tons and Tons of kites.
AND, look at this bull dog. His name is Murphy and he gets pushed in a stroller because him's gets too tired. Ha. So presh!
 As the sun was setting- a glimpse of kites stuck in the Zilker trees. 
 Oaks of Austin.
I am grateful to call Austin home. I am sun-kissed and wind-kissed, but wouldn't change a thing about my Sunday.


asj said...

aaah! love it, murphy is too freaking cute - good to know if the baby doesn't like the stroller we can always push Ollie around in it! ;)

LINDA said...

Cute post!

Linda from

Jodie said...

Love this!! Looks like the weather was just beautiful! I sooo want to buy a kite now!!