Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So happy it's hump day and one day closer to a day where I can sleep in because I am tired! 
I am absolutely loving life right now. I feel like a free bird. 
My loves:
The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend for K's crawfish boil. I cannot wait to celebrate my dear friend's 30th birthday with crawfish and her fabulous gift. 
Have you ever released "that" poison in your life that seems to make you negative or bitchy? I am in the process and when I was driving home His ray of light shining down made me feel fabulous and put a smile on my face.
This makes my mouth water. 
These makes my eyes and mouth water. Delish.
 My favorite.
Love these two colors together. 
And because I love things that make me laugh:

I love my husband too!


Nichole said...

hahaha, that someecards cracked me up!

Kit said...

Love that long dress!!!

Jamie said...

Hah hah to the bull s*&^ one. Thats hilarious.