Monday, April 2, 2012

7 years and counting.

7 years ago I married my best friend. 
We wed at a Southern Baptist Church in the late evening. Our colors were pale pink and green with hints of ivory. My girls wore long dresses, the groomsmen wore tails, our moms wore long gowns and our dads matched the groomsmen. The church was filled with tons of people. Flowers adorned the pews as well as the floor we stood to recite our vows. I remember walking into the room prior to the trumpet playing and one of E's best friends saying, "wow- you look beautiful." I remember- my dad asking me if I was okay. I remember moving my vail from the back to the front to cover my face. I was almost an emotional basket case. The doors opened and the trumpet began to play. I think I walked too fast, but my dad remembers walking slow. I just thought- get me to the end of this long aisle. I couldn't focus on anyone because I didn't want to cry my eyes out. When we reached the alter, my dad uncovered my face by moving my veil. We had a family prayer and the wedding ceremony began. Our vows were the typical vows, but the message our pastor gave was one that so many had never heard. Still to this day, people say to my mom they remember his words so much and how it was an intimate ceremony that filled the church with love. 
That's how I feel about E. My heart abounds and is full of love for my best friend like no other. 
Happy Anniversary, Eric!

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Kristin said...

AWWWWWW so sweet!!! Happy Anniversary to yall!!!!