Thursday, March 22, 2012


In my place of work, we compile a five year strategic plan that has to be turned in every year. I work for one of the big wigs...IE: second man in line, so I was summoned to help on the plan last year. This year is no different. 
See- My color is red\yellow. I am a creative person, but am a person that needs stuff done...NOW. As in, I tell people what to do a lot and I expect them to do it and never ask questions and just obey. This has worked to my advantage because my boss isn't this way. He tends to over analyze documents and so forth, but I love that about him. We are so very different, but our partnership and team work are really like no other!
So for the next two weeks, I am going to act like Hitler and demand that we have a bad-azz Strategic Plan.

Cheers. Where's my wine?

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