Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Like no other.

Real talk- I am a ranch addict. (throw in instagram, pinterest, alcohol, shopping, food and facebook...)
There I said it. 
I could eat ranch with every single thing...not even joking. My favorite ranch is definitely jalapeno ranch (ala: Hula Slut or Chuy's). I have been on a search for a good recipe and I believe I found it!!! I made it last night and it's already half way gone. (and...why do I complain about my ass getting bigger?)
Half a bunch of cilantro
1\2- 1 jalapeno
2 fresh tomatillos
1 package of ranch seasoning
1 cup buttermilk
1 cup Mayo (You could use low fat mayo or olive oil may to cut calories)
1 clove garlic
1 pinch of salt
1 grind of pepper
Mix everything in a food processor
I made some pulled pork in the crock pot, so we put that on a bed of lettuce with ranch on top. I really liked it; E thought he would have liked it a bit more over rice. 
I am just obsessed with the ranch so I will eat anything with it.

And- let's be clear- that's E's plate. 
Next thing-
I love a good sweet after dinner and before bed, but I try to watch my sugar intake because I have had issues in the past and don't want to be haunted with them again. 
Introduce: MY pudding (low calories and low fat)!
2 packets of vanilla sugar free, fat free instant pudding 
1 container of Light or Sugar Free cool whip thawed
3 cups of reduced fat milk (of if you are a whole milk person...have at it)
Mix everything together and chill
Throw in some dark chocolate morsels and you will be singing to the Angels!

AND- I will be visiting the gym today even if I have serious back pain. Who has serious back pain at 30? I mean, I am not pregnant or old. Get real body.

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Lindsey Nicole said...

Alas - someone who is as OBSESSED with ranch dressing as me!!

This recipe looks amazing and if it's even worthy of running the race with Chuy's jalapeno ranch...then I will love you forever!

Can't wait to try it and post about it!

Thanks for the recipe!