Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Funday.

Saturday was the baby shower and it was a huge success although it was a tad bit pricey, but definitely worth it. The Texas Tea Embassy is so precious with a vintage feel and great tasting teas. I drank each kind, but my favorite definitely was "Wedding Cake." I am bummed because all the pictures I took were extremely blurry. Fail. 
I made the cupcakes and they were heaven-ish! Next time, I will cook them for about five minutes less to ensure the tops aren't dry. I really am thinking about selling cupcakes! It's something I really enjoy and really am good at...probably because I love food.
So presh.
Moving right along. Sunday our friends agreed to cook 700 pounds of crawfish at a local bar, The Blind Pig. There were so many crawdiddys it really isn't funny. The owner picked them up at the airport yesterday morning. G and J did an awesome job and they tasted amazing. I have to say that Sunday Funday is really fun until the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning. Le Sigh...
We drank way too much tequila and beer. Ate way too much. E and my tummies weren't feeling so hot last night, so we both slept like shizz. I cannot wait to go soup, take a hot bath and lay on our couch. 
Picture overload:

My motto:
Work hard. Play harder. 

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