Friday, March 23, 2012


I am so grateful it's Friday.

-My back hurts so bad today. I thought I was better yesterday, but it's worse today. I am sure it has nothing to do with sitting in a conference room the past two days working really hard on a strategic plan. BUT, perhaps it's our bed. We received a Sleep # bed from my parents for our wedding gift and I think it's not working of us any longer. Mattress shopping, anyone?
-I haven't had my ring cleaned in over a year. It's still really pretty, but there is nothing better than a sparkly gem on your left hand.
-I am dying for a bev that includes alcohol. Problems?
-We have eaten terrible this week, haven't worked out and I am now thinking the back pain could be linked to this instead of the bad.
-I am addicted to pudding.
-I really have moved past wanting a pair of Tory flats and now would like a pair of Tory flippy-floppies. Should I?
-I really want K's birthday present. I might steal it and buy her something else.
I kid.
-I am thankful our place of work has an over abundance of tampons.
-I am crushing over a JCrew purse. There is a problem with liking expensive things.
-The whole Treyvon debate has me confused and sad at the same time. See- I believe the right to bear arms, but definitely don't believe in killing innocent people. Will we ever know what REALLY happened? I doubt it. AND- Florida has pretty liberal laws regarding self defense. This deserves it's own post.
-I am laughing inside at Tim Tebow. Moving on...
-I am going to eat my body weight in crawfish tomorrow.
-I am going to drink my body weight in beer tomorrow.
-I really miss NCAA football.
-I am glad MI ST lost last night because I bet quite a few people made a lot of money by choosing Louisville. Winning. in. Vegas.
-I am leaving work at Noon today.

Happy Friday!


Julie said...

I am laughing at Tim Tebow...hard. I can't help it. Not a fan. And I am laughing even harder at the people who jumped on that bandwagon last year.

162 days until college football kicks off...just saying. :)

Shayna said...

Found you from the link up! I love any fellow Texans! I'm leaving work early today too, beautiful weather today! Have fun eating crawfish! That sounds so good!