Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Bacon-themed birthday parties are fun, filling and the next day you feel like a bloated cow from all the sodium. A good fried of mine threw her husband a bacon party on Saturday and let me just say- all the grocery stores in the ATX have to be sold out of bacon. 
We went over to the preggers' house on Saturday and nonchalantly asked what they were making for the party. Her husband responded with "Turtles." Y'all, shut the front door with how creative this is and how disgusting, but good at the same time they turned out for the party.
It started with this: weiners, hamburger meat, cheese and of course three packages of bacon.
It went something like this:
And ended up like this:
Kind of sick, right?! The head, feet and tail are hot dogs with slits so they would open whilst cooking. I mean, I cannot help but laugh...

I made my famous bacon potato salad, but didn't take any pictures because it's boring. Also, I made chocolate surprise cupcakes without bacon and I must say they were delish. I heart cupcakes and think cupcakes make the world a better place.

Here's a glimpse of some of the bacon dishes:

I didn't think I would want bacon for the next eternity, but we found ourselves cooking up two pieces of bacon for our blue cheese salads last night. Fail.

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