Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can it be Fall?

I know I have said it, but I want it to be for the record and for my memory forever. We have had triple digit heat in Texas for a long time and it still hasn't rained. I got my hopes up because showed the temperatures were going to lower and it was going to rain this weekend, WRONG. I swear: Weathermen\women have the best job...they can totally screw up the forecast and they still receive raises, bonuses and their jobs. I need that job ASAP.
I want Fall weather so I can wear dark colors, boots, leggings and scarves. It doesn't get that cold in these neck of the woods until December, but a girl can dream, right?

 Don't you think you would free like a total hippie-free-loving-and-falling chick in this dress? I would.
 Ah to wear tall boots (if my calves weren't huge...I think that is a normal problem, no?) a cardi and a scarf...I would rock this all day, everyday.

I will take these and I will take them with every color bow. Thanks.

Who doesn't need a how-to on scarf wearing? (I am sure everyone has seen this except me...always last.)

I need this whole ensemble.

Today is my Friday. Happy flippin' dance with a crown on the rocks.  
Happy college football starting weekend!

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