Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Loving Wednesday.

It's happy hump day, thank goodness...I am ready for the weekend and really the thought of having to swim 2000 yards tonight makes me want to yack. Moving on and going along with Jamie today:

I am loving this batch of cupcakes I bought for E last night. Seriously, the caramel apple cupcake was to die for and I stopped myself at half the cupcake. I kept telling myself "buck up cupcake" to stop eating the cupcake...vicious cycle.

I am loving that my bestie is pregnant and I get to walk through the baby section at Target and not feel weird. I now have a reason! I almost bought this teeny-tiny swimsuit for the baby even though it might be a boy. We could shove a boy into this I suppose...

I am loving this picture of Marley's best friend.

I am loving the scale for saying I have lost a total of 6 pounds even though I drank too much alcohol and ate 1\2 a cupcake and escargot the past few days.

I am loving that we are attending a bacon partay on Saturday. Yea-Everything has to do with bacon and every dish will have bacon in it...I am debating on not eating the rest of the week.
I am loving my husband an extra lot this week since it's his birth week.


asj said...

holy shit that's a lot of bacon - can't wait to hear about the bacon party... that's like my husbands dream!

Anonymous said...

bahahahahah a bacon party? that is hilarious...we raised pigs this year...therefore i can't eat bacon bc i feel so bad! HA!