Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday, Friday...gotta get down on Friday.

It's Friday and every Friday I like to think about Rebecca Black's "Friday" song...that dreadful-most-annoying-song-ever-made, but for some reason it makes me laugh and puts me in a delightful mood.
I swear this week lasted forever!
Anyhoo, guess what I haven't done today? I haven't check the bank account...go me. Guess what I did do today? I went and got...
I have to watch my sugar intake so I always get just a one pump, nonfat latte with no whip. It was delish!

Last night, Marley thought it would be cool to wear E's Rita's shirt, chill and naw on his beloved pig skin bone. Isn't he seriously the cutest one-eyed dog you have ever seen?

We had frat party at Rita's...I want to be in college again. We believe it was an academic fraternity or a Christian fraternity? Do you call a greek organization that accepts men and women a frat? Not sure, but whatever. They filled our parking lot, chatted and bought a ton of shizz. 

This weekend UT plays BYU in Austin. Let's be honest- I.AM.NERVOUS. I really don't want to have a losing season because that's never fun. I am going to buy my burnt orange dress today and will be rocking our Rita's cart with a dress and cowgirl boots, what-what. That's how we do it...Here's to Friday!

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