Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stein. Wine. Bird Dogs.

Full of randomness:

E and I are participating in a Sorority powderpuff football game on Friday night. Isn't that random? Well, actually we aren't playing, but giving out Rita's to the players. I can only imagine how often E will be having eye movement behind his sunglasses. UT attendees, blonde, brunette gals that probably come from loads of money, can work out hours of the day...a man's heaven. 

One of my besties works for a jewelry company and she gets the hook up for a myriad of things like Philip Stein watches and straps. I love, love, love my Philip Stein watch. It's something most people don't have, it goes with everything, has a chip in it that makes you sleep better at night and you can switch out the strap. K sent me a gmail chat stating she got me a new lizard band for *FREE.* Say what? This strap typically costs $125, so I was elated. I am rocking it and I love it!

My brother's boss is going through a lot right now and of course I am not going to delve into it because its beyond private. Anyhow, he called my brother at 9:01 am on Monday morning to give him the status of a tragic event. Bird hung up the phone. At 9:20, someone from my parents church's prayer room called Bird's phone and stated, "We are just calling to see if you have anything that you need us to pray about?" Wait, what? Um, just 19 minutes earlier he got horrible news from his boss. If that's not powerful, I am not really sure what is. 

Speaking of Bird (aka: My brother), he sent these pictures of his precious Callie-girl. She is the most intelligent, trained and loved bird dog. Isn't she a beauty?
 She is retrieving. :)

You thought Osama bin Laden was dead huh? Not so fast...

Only kidding, but my brother the one with the dark, dark, long beard (left) kind of resembles him.

We went to Chuy's last night for dinner and I only ate the chips and salsa. Is that bad? I didn't go over my calories for the day, but felt like a fat p.i.g.

My Dad turns 60 next Tuesday! I turn 30 in December! My Meemaw turned 90 this year! My Dad is exactly 30 years older than me and Meemaw is 60 years older. Random.

I am going to Central to buy this wine:

It's THE BEST. Run to your Whole Foods or Central Market now.

Random, I tell ya.

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Random seems to be what we are doing best these days!