Friday, September 23, 2011


It was a little over three years ago when I was part of a two-girl team planning events for our company. I really enjoyed the planning, the execution and the fun that ensued at the events. 
It was the first Holiday Party we had planned and our President and his wife wanted people to draw for their seats rather than just choose to sit with friends. Obviously, his wish was a command and we used a huge fish bowl and put table numbers in the bowl for every attendee to choose. At this time I worked for two Vice Presidents and knew both of their wives really well. When they arrived, the wives didn't want to just "draw" for their seats, but rather dig their hand in the fish bowl and hand pick their table number. What was a girl to do? Bullshit them and say "um, you aren't allowed to do that." Get real. I just let them do it. OOPS. That was a great horrible idea. Fast forward about two weeks after the holiday party, the day before everyone was going on vacation for Christmas. My two bosses called me in their office. I am thinking oh yes- we are going to exchange presents. I took their presents with me and walked into the office. I got a really weird feeling and they looked like deer in headlights. There was a paper turned over on the desk...I shut the door and they let me know that I WAS WRITTEN UP FOR INSUBORDINATION TO THE PRESIDENT. Guess what for: LETTING THE VP'S WIFE DIG IN THE FLIPPIN' FISH BOWL. No lie. Seriously. I would never lie. I only tell the truth. I was in utter shock as were they. They explained to me they saved me, my job and my paycheck. I was going to get fired over this fish bowl. I am pretty sure they wanted to laugh out loud about the whole thing, but I was a basket case. I was hysterically crying. I didn't "do it" because I didn't want to listen; I allowed it because of who was asking to do it. They told me that I had to sign the write-up and I refused. I walked out balling-crying. I was kicked off the event planning team. I mean, seriously, like in fifth grade when your conduct was bad in school so you couldn't participate in that week's game. I felt like a child. Being upset turned into pissed. I finally signed the paperwork the next year. I didn't really sign it...I just scribbled over the paper and it's in my personnel file...well, maybe we put it in there.

I almost got fired over a fish bowl.

And- This story is a laughing stock anytime an event comes up because I refuse to attend company events now because...I could get fired.


Wittschen's said...

O.M.G!! I knew it would be good!! :) wow. craziness. I would have been like your stupid a** wife was a spoiled brat and didn't want to play by the rules! lol

Starr Light, Starr Bright said...

ughhhhhhhhhhhhh another story that makes me HATE your work place and the idiots that run it....I always wondered why we never saw you anymore...and BTW everyone HATED having to pick their seat out of the fishbowl, people want to sit by their friends....thats what you do at a party...STUPID IDEA J MAC.