Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Absolutely beautiful, horrifying days.

It was a great long weekend starting with my parents visiting us on Thursday. We offered to watch their rugrats while they had a weekend away at Horseshoe Bay. Their dogs are really good, but they aren't as good as my parents think...you know that word called "Denial." 

Thursday ended with celebrations as I received a promotion and pay raise at work...blessed! My parents love Mexican food as much as E and I, so we went to Matt's. We requested a large bowl of salsa...

We watched Texas work Rice on the field Saturday night! Longhorn Network never came on the tele, but we streamed the video just like the bars in Austin. :)

Lastly, waking up to 65 degree weather today was amazing!!! Waking up to cooler temperatures and smelling my state on fire is horrifying. The Austin skyline has smoke in the background, the sunset on Monday night was a firey orange color with deep red outlines and knowing livestock and our land is literally burning up makes me sad. Keep Texans in your thoughts and pray for peace and grace for the people and animals affected...it's scary!
 My parents took this snapshot near Horseshoe Bay, Texas.
 Bastrop on fire.

What is nature trying to tell us?

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