Thursday, August 4, 2011

The mode I am in at this time.

Insanely crazy.
That's my mode. Seriously, E and I both feel like we are drowning inch by inch (by damn Body Pump instructor says this and it drives me crazy, but alas that's the true feeling right now).
Rita's is becoming super duper busy and if you remember this post you will know E does this business on his own. Insane. He hasn't had a day off in about umpteen days. :( Anyhooters, I took off my job for a couple of days to help him with an event in Temple. Picture this:
-A nasty ass truck that doesn't belong to us carrying a huge trailer up North I-35 at about 55 mph. Shoot me now.
-An hour and half long drive hungry and hot up N-I35.
-Once upon arrival, we were notified--"You will be right here." Wait, WTH, there is no A\C. 
-Oh, remember...we are serving ice to over 900 people in a manufacturing plant.
-Oh, yea. It's only 110 degrees outside too, so the only place of freedom from heat is in the freezer that is holding 18 ices.
-Sweat dripping down every crevice of our body. Serving ice to people that are really nice, but can barely read, so the menu sign doesn't really work. Oh and they can barely talk English...we would like to call their language-Jibberish. Oh and don't look at their mouths to read lips because you might want to throw up because their teeth are black. But, they are really nice people.
Do you have a perfect picture? Yea, well we did this for two days. It was exhausting and we were down each others throats by the time we waltzed into our house...
WHERE THERE WAS DOG SHIT EVERYWHERE. Yea, our Marley-man must not have taken the egg I gave him the night before very well has he had major infant-syndrome-blowouts in our hallway and office. Sick.
I am back to work today and am really ready to leave to pamper myself or something. Just better than working, right?! 
We have a low key weekend planned with a birthday celebration in the middle. Every weekend in August is booked with events and we have one event during the week every week in August. It's a time I am trying to be thankful for, but damn I am going crazy! Here's to sipping sangria somewhere...

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